Matcha Vanilla Pudding

Matcha Vanilla Pudding

The consistency and taste of this pudding are incomparable to all other puddings I have ever tried. Eaten warm, it is extremely comforting and soothing. It does not only fill your belly with healthy nutrients but also love, warmth and joy. It feels like eating a huge dessert as a main meal. It basically is! Well, practically all of my sweet dishes are desserts at the same time, right? And that is why we all love them!

Now you are probably wondering: What is the base ingredient of this pudding? I’m gonna tell you but please don’t shy away!

It’s cauliflower.

Yep, cauliflower.

Can you taste the cauliflower at all?

It depends on how sensitive you are. I can’t taste it at all, whereas my sister noticed a slight hint of it, which she did not consider negative at all. She is the pickiest person I know, so if she likes this pudding, I promise you will like it too!

If you’re not a fan of matcha or you don’t have it at home, try playing around with other ingredients. I also dig the chocolate variation (just add cacao powder and/or dark chocolate pieces to the blender).

I chose to share the matcha version with you because it honestly is my favourite flavour I have tried so far.

One more note: You can use either fresh or frozen cauliflower for this recipe. I prefer to use frozen because it comes prechopped and it you can literally keep it in the freezer forever to have it on hand whenever you need it.

Let’s begin!


Adjust Servings:
450g cauliflower
1tsp matcha
1Tbs wheatgrass powder makes it greener (and tastier)
150g soy yogurt
0.5 avocado
100g dates I use date paste
0.5 banana(s)
0.5 tonka bean
0.5tsp vanilla bean powder
0.5tsp agar-agar
100ml almond milk
  • 20 min
  • Serves 1
  • Medium



Steam cauliflower on medium heat until soft.


Add all ingredients to a high-speed blender and pulse on medium to high speed until smooth.


Serve immediately and top with your favourite fruit, dark chocolate pieces, frozen or fresh berries and other toppings of your choice.

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