Green Goddess Buddha Bowl

Green Goddess Buddha Bowl

As the title tells, this bowl is all about greens!

Green is not just my favourite colour but also a clear indicator for a healthy food. (I think I don’t need to mention here that coloured foods such as green gummy bears don’t count.) Think all kinds of leafy greens, avocado, peas, bell pepper, cucumber, zucchini, herbs, broccoli, cabbage, edamame, green beans…


You know what else green veggies are abundant of? – PROTEIN.


Does this information make them more appealing to you? I hope so! Greens are healthy, make you feel good and brighten up your plate.


green goddess buddha bowl with peas and avocado


For this buddha bowl I decided to go for a simple sunflower seed dressing.


If you have never tried sunflower seed butter, please do so! It’s my favourite salad dressing base. It’s high in fat like oil but also comes with protein and lots of incredibly healthy micronutrients. Since I discovered sunflower seed butter I have never made an oil-based dressing ever again!!


In my opinion, a good salad dressing needs to contain the following flavours: sweet, salty (or spicy), fatty and sour. Coconut blossom sirup, soy sauce, sunflower seed butter and lime juice cover these flavours in this recipe.



If you don’t have all ingredients at hand, you can substitue some with whatever you have at home. That’s what I love about buddha bowls. You can mix & match your favourite ingredients in endless combinations. For example, you could replace lamb’s lettuce with spinach, or green peas with chickpeas.


The sweet & salty salad dressing goes incredibly well with peas and broccoli though, so I recommend to try this combo!


Adjust Servings:
0.5 avocado
300g frozen peas
300g frozen carrots
100g red quinoa
1 handful of steamed broccoli
1 handful of lamb's lettuce
0.5 cucumber
For the sauce
1 Tbs coconut blossom sirup
1 Tbs soy sauce
sunflower seed butter
the juice of 0.5 lime
  • 25 min
  • Serves 1
  • Medium



Add frozen peas and carrots to a pot together with a small dash of water, just enough to cover the bottom. Bring to boil, stir occasionally and then turn off the heat. Let sit with lid on for a couple of minutes.


Rinse and cook quinoa according to instructions on the package.


Wash lamb's lettuce and arrange it in a bowl together with some chopped cucumber, steamed broccoli, quinoa, peas and carrots.


Cut the avocado in halves and scoop out one half. Slice it thinly and arrange it on top of your bowl.


Put all ingredients for the sauce into a small bowl and stir until homogenous. Pour on top of your Buddha bowl and combine well.

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