Instagram: How To Grow Organically & Fast (Part 1)

  I was pretty shocked about YouTube videos titled “How to gain 100k followers in 48 hours” or “Top Instagram Growth Hacks” and so on. And even more significant is the number of clicks these videos get. This seems to be a highly relevant topic! My notion was confirmed when I recently showed a snippet of an Instagram workshop I held…


17 Lessons I Learned In 2017

  You guys liked my last post about 2017 a lot so here’s another one. This time I want to give you as much value as possible by summing up the 17 most important lessons I’ve learned in 2017. We learn so many things every day if we are open-minded and experience things without judgment.   Here’s my top 17…


Peanut Cinnamon Crepes With Cherry Quark

Yeah, you heard right (I mean read). Peanut and cinnamon flavored crepes filled with deliciously creamy cherry quark. The funny thing about this recipe is that it was my first crepe recipe I ever created and until today it’s still the best. Usually, I test recipes multiple times with slight alterations before I upload them to my blog but this…


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