“But Our Ancestors Ate Meat”

Hi guys, I am sure you are familiar with this rather common argument meat eaters use to defend the unhealthy, unethical act of consuming dead animal flesh. I’m going to debunk this argument by telling you my views on the fact that our ancestors have been consuming meat for a long time indeed. The enlightenment Do you ever have that, that…


Happy Birthday To Me.

Yes! I am turning 22 today! What does it feel like? IT FEELS AMAZING! I have most of my life ahead of me and I feel stronger, healthier and more confident than ever before! I have become wiser, I have learned from my mistakes and my experience and most importantly, I have awakened. I have learned that our lives are…


My Favourite 3-Ingredient Nicecream Recipes

  Coconut Nicecream I promise you will LOVE this one. Banana + coconut is one of those combinations that are too good to be true. And the best thing about it: It’s literally just 2 ingredients. ★  3 frozen bananas, chopped ★  a handful of fresh or dessicated coconut Prepare the bananas the day before, or freeze them for at least…


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