2018 Resolutions & End-Of-Year Review 2017

  With the last bite of our sumptuous Christmas menu in my stomach, my mind is jumping forward to 2018 already.   “This year has flown by, hasn’t it?”, my sister asked and my parents agreed noddingly. To be honest, I have to disagree.   So many things happened to me in 2017 such as major events like moving to…


High Protein Vegetable Stir-Fry

It’s sweet, salty, and high in protein. This quick stir-fry is an easy dinner idea to “upcycle” leftover veggies and refuel after a workout. The high protein content comes from edamame pasta. 46g protein in 100g! Have you ever tried it? In stir-fries, it’s the best! In my opinion, much tastier than regular wheat pasta – and do I even…


Die Gesündeste Zahnpasta Deutschlands – Ein Interview Mit Muskanadent-Gründerin Annette Jasper

Anzeige Disclaimer: The products presented in this blog post are only available in German-speaking countries, so I chose to write it in German!    Dieser Post entstand in freundlicher Zusammenarbeit mit Annette Jasper, ganzheitliche Zahnärztin und und Gründerin von Muskanadent, einer Reihe ayurvedischer Zahnpflegeprodukte.   Annette Jasper ist zwar Zahnärztin, behandelt aber auch Nackenverspannungen, Kopf- & Rückenschmerzen und Tinnitus. Wieso…


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