My Resolutions For 2020 (Career & Health)

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Today at my yoga class, the teacher said that resolutions are more likely to turn into reality if you write them down. This made me think. The first couple of days after New Year’s Eve so much happened, and I did not have the time to reflect yet. That’s why this blogpost went online with some delay.

And who knows – maybe this post gives you the inspiration to sit down with a pen and paper and writing down your thoughts about the next months, too. As the saying goes – your thoughts create your reality. So, let’s write the future together today! 🥰

2020 Vorsätze


2019 in a nutshell

To be honest, I don’t often reflect on my past. I prefer to live in the moment, and I mostly focus on my future. But without reflecting first, you can’t formulate any resolutions. It is what we have already achieved that builds the foundations for dreams and visions. All the wonderful memories and experiences of the past couple of years create a hunger for more. Difficult times and bad memories are things we rather not remember. And then there are things we never want to forget but hold on to forever. Of the latter, we want to have more. More adventures, fun and moments of well-being.

But we can also learn from the negative experiences! Things that did not go well we can do better next time. To learn from mistakes, give advice and optimize your strategies. That’s why I start this post with my biggest challenge of 2019. There is no point in regretting, but a subjective view of your own mistakes can be worth gold.


My biggest challenge

What is the most important thing in the world? Exactly, our health. Without a healthy body, we cannot enjoy life. Health is not a defined state but always perceived in perspective. For some, health simply means the absence of illness. Some others only feel truly healthy when the way they feel in their bodies reflects their lifestyle.

On the whole, I follow a healthy lifestyle. Very healthy, actually. Only 1% of the people I know do eat healthier than I do. And still, in early 2019, life sent me a huge challenge. After being in Iran for 10 days and about 2 weeks in Costa Rica, I had immense acne breakouts in my face. Never before I suffered that much from severe skin problems. I speculated on the causes, took probiotics for my gut, changed my water filter at home, visited a cosmetician in Düsseldorf (Germany) on a regular basis, and used expensive skincare daily. Very slowly my skin improved.

After nearly nine months, you could almost exclusively see scars. For some time, I did not want to leave the house without any makeup on because they were that bad and steadily new inflammations occurred. By the way, I received so much response to my Instagram stories on this topic. It seems to me that many of you are suffering from skin problems.

Until today I have not figured what the cause was. It could have been a combination of many things. My gut, hormones, toxins…my skin is still not as clean as before the breakout in Costa Rica. This is one thing I want to change, and I want to finally feel 100% comfortable with my skin. That’s why in 2020 I will focus on the following:

1st Resolution: Health first with the help of the following measures:

  • Gut cleansing at least once (e.g. in a professional Colonics Center)
  • Professional guided fasting 
  • High-quality groceries; always organic, if possible
  • Quality supplements, especially probiotics
  • Avoiding stress and putting my smartphone away 1h before going to bed
  • A short prayer before every meal, taking a deep breath and eating without any distractions, if possible

There are so many more measures my health would benefit from. All in all, in my opinion, I am already on the right track and I do not see any need for further resolutions. 2020, my skin (+gut) is first! I will keep you updated.

2020 in Bali

Health is taken for granted until it is not anymore…


My biggest success 2019

Now, let’s have a look at what I have already achieved in 2019. Most of us rather talk about their achievements than about their failures. Achievements make us feel worthy. A healthy amount of pride is important and we are allowed to have it. Especially us women should acknowledge our performance for what it really is – world-changing. We often underestimate our roles in the world. This is not an exaggeration. Every small achievement counts and adds up little by little like snowflakes and becomes a huge snowball that rolls over the world, and, hopefully, makes it a little bit better.

In early 2019, I have been really ambitious concerning my plans to travel the world and to getting started with being a freelancer. As a student, throughout 2019, I have been financially advantaged but limited in time. Only during my semester breaks, I could travel for a long time and I did make use of them completely. In November, I traveled to Bali for the second time, where I took a closer look at further accomodations and food spots. There is a link to the blog posts. By the way, these blog posts are the most successful ones ever!

Bali 2020

Bali feels like paradise for me… I would love to spend more time there in the next couple of years!


Last year, my resolution was to travel to 10 unknown countries. The reason for this resolution was simple: After living for 25 years, I remember my trips the most, especially the long ones. Nothing has minted me more and nothing has taught me more about life than my trips. That’s why I challenged myself ambitiously with discovering 10 new countries. Maybe I was a little bit TOO ambitious. Honestly, I don’t know what I was thinking! 😀

I managed to travel to 4 countries:: Iran, Costa Rica, Portugal and Latvia. In 2020, I again want to discover 4 new countries. I would be satisfied with 3. In Bali, I realized that in Indonesia alone I can experience so much. I have not found any place more beautiful than this one, why I would not mind traveling several times to the same island. Maybe I get older, maybe I just have found my personal favorite place in this world.


Why traveling equals success for me

Because it means freedom for me. To be where I want to be. To do what I want to do and when I want to do it. To not be dependent on other people or places. To experience new things. To grow and learn. To get spoiled. To visit places where I feel rich, where nature gifts us, throughout the year. The sun in my face, salty taste in my mouth and sand between my toes. A task in life that makes me jump out of bed in the morning and lets me fall asleep fulfilled. A task where I am not bounded to a certain place. One I can attend with my heart. This is what achievement means to me. Not some numbers on my bank account or my Instagram profile. And because, in 2019, I have seen so much of the world than ever before and have occupied more extensive with different things that I love, 2019 has been a pure achievement. Now, I just have to finish my master thesis, then I will be free forever!


2nd resolution: Becoming professionally and financially independent with the help of the following measures:

  • Hand in my master thesis and graduate
  • Offer workshops and coachings independently
  • Ensure financial security through investments
  • Move to Berlin and flee to the tropics during the cold season
  • Achieve a five-digit residual income – I fulfilled my resolution from last year throughout the year and I am ready to step up!


Otherwise, I just hope that everything goes well in 2020 and that many vegan meetups will take place. I will continue to organize them and now I finally have an assistant helping me. Moreover, there will be a meetup overseas – in London! More to be announced. I am already so excited because I have something very special in store for that. 2020 is going to be AMAZING!

In addition to that, I will organize a vegan trip to 7 different European cities in August 2020 together with Contiki and another influencer. It will be my first time as a co-host, and I look forward to traveling together with some of you. In fact, the demand for a joint trip occurs on my Instagram very often. Now, there will be a real trip that you can book! The best thing about the trip: it is an all-inclusive trip. Hotels, restaurants, activities, tour guides and private transport between the cities – all of this is taken care of. Contiki does something like that for the first time and there won’t be any more of these trips any time soon! I am really looking forward to being part of this and to sharing this unique experience with some chosen ones of you. For more information, click HERE. And with the code “VEGANLAURA” you will get an Eco-Goodie-Bag on top!

For more vegan inspiration or tips for a healthy lifestyle in general, I highly recommend the Vegan Bundle. It is only available until January 8 and then it will be gone forever. The Bundle contains 60 Ebooks with recipes, fitness guides, meal plans, weight loss plans and all sorts of further topics around natural beauty, health and vegan nutrition. And all that for only about £39! This is nothing! If you buy the Bundle, you have all-time access to all the wonderful Ebooks, and you can save them everywhere, send them to someone, and in a few months or years, you can still read them. It is really worth it! It is almost too good to be true. So, do not hesitate – I have my ebook in the bundle and I am also super excited about all the other wonderful content! 🥰

With all this new inspiration I wish you an outstanding new year, full of miracles & magical experiences!


Thank you so much for reading!


Much love,

Laura x













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