How Stress Influences Your Health + Benefits Of Prunes

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At a workshop in Cologne, I learned shocking facts about stress and its influence on our digestion. In this post, you will find valuable tips to support your body’s detoxification and improve your digestion. And you will learn how prunes can support a healthy lifestyle.


Stress vermeiden mit leckeren Trockenpflaumen

Healthy eating is important. We hear it over and over again and everybody seems to know it. Nevertheless, there’s always more to learn. Nutrition is a complex topic. At the Feel Good Workshop by Felix Klemme & Kalifornische Trockenpflaumen I learned some interesting facts about hormones, stress and the effect of negative thoughts on our health.


Well-balanced, wholesome and in adequate amounts 

This seems to be the fundamental equation of a healthy diet. But there’s so much more to it! Did you know that stress creates hormones in your body that need to be detoxified?


That’s right! If we have stress in everyday life, the body reacts with the creation of stress hormones, which act as toxins. But do not panic – the liver and kidneys are working for us 24/7 to detoxify from these hormones.


Stress hampers your digestion

A problem becomes stress when we have too much of it. Then it influences our digestion in a negative way. Under stress, the body is in escape or combat mode and provides energy that would normally flow into the digestive system. The result: weight gain and impaired digestion. In the worst case, your body accumulates too many toxins because the body can’t get rid of all the stress hormones and additional environmental toxins.


What can you do to improve your digestion?

The answer is simple: eat in quiet. It’s even better to eat in company, in a relaxed atmosphere. Avoid action movies and series that trigger excitement.


Negative thoughts create stress

But not only stress has a negative effect on our digestion – even negative thoughts act like a poison in your body. Mental, self-generated “stress” also produces toxic hormones that need to be broken down via the liver and kidneys.


An overloaded liver can then lead to various symptoms, diseases and even allergies. So, if we want to be kind to our liver and help detoxify your body instead of hindering it, a healthy diet helps.


By the way, juices are bad for the liver because they contain high levels of sugar and no fiber – an essential nutrient required for optimal digestion. In whole fruits and vegetables, in turn, there are plenty of fibers that fill you up and are essential for a healthy metabolism.

TrockenpflaumenTrockenpflaumen RezepteTrockenpflaumen Rezepte

What does all this have to do with prunes?

Dried plums are dried as a whole and retain their entire nutrients due to the gentle processing. In addition, they contain a lot of fiber, which supports the liver and digestion.


In particular, the following nutrients occur in prunes in high quantities:

Vitamin B6

  • Important for all energy-supplying processes
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Important for the protein metabolism: Since each of our cells is made of protein, B6 is essential to replace cells.
  • Helps against fatigue

Vitamin K

  • Bone build-up through a collaboration of vitamin D and K
  • Vitamin K also helps regulate blood clots


  • Regulates iron transport
  • Prevents hair loss
  • Helps with irritation and concentration problems


  • Strengthens the connective tissue
  • Important for joint cartilage and bone structure
  • Protects against cell damage


As with all other natural foods, prunes also contain a whole range of other nutrients. All the nutrients and hormones work together in unison in your body. Therefore, a sufficiently nutritious, varied diet is the key.



How many prunes should I eat?

We now know that prunes are an ideal part of a healthy diet. But how many prunes should I eat to get the most health benefits? And what else can I do with prunes, except to eat them straight?

Because of their high sugar content, prunes are perfect as an ingredient in various dishes. Combining them with other foods reduces the glycemic load, which gives information about the amount of insulin needed for digestion. If you want to eat dried prunes, a small handful per day is recommended. Alternatively, you can incorporate them into delicious recipes and sweeten your dishes naturally with prunes.


Recipe ideas with prunes

At the event, we made smoothies and bliss balls with prunes. You can find a whole list of recipe ideas in the German version of this blog post.

Generally, you can use prunes in literally anything. Due to their naturally high sugar content, they can replace sugar in cakes or add an interesting flavor to savory dishes like salads, chutneys, and couscous. Any recipes that use dates or raisins will work with prunes too. Just get creative!

You can see some of my prune creations here and here.

Trockenpflaumen RezepteTrockenpflaumen Rezepte


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