2019, Let’s Go! – A Guide On New Years Resolutions And Goals

2019, Let’s Go! – A Guide On New Years Resolutions And Goals

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New year, new chances. In this post, I’ll guide you through my reflection methods and share my personal goals and New Years resolutions with you.

Imagine you could achieve EVERYTHING you desire. Good news – it is possible!

As a kid, I was always a big dreamer and never understood why most people choose to live such a mediocre life. Previous generations think differently. My parents and grandparents are grateful for having a permanent job with a decent salary. But that’s not enough for me.

My goal is not only to live well, but to achieve great things. I want it all. Love, prosperity, close friendships, wisdom, health, spirituality and time for things that I love. These things are not mutually exclusive, but fit together perfectly. It is possible to get all these things in life while living your highest potential. You do not have to compromise, just adapt your mindset.

Some call me a megalomaniac . But does a person who lives a mediocre life really know better? To all those out there who do not believe in me and my visions: I don’t care! The only person who has to believe in you is YOURSELF. Thanks to my unwavering trust, I will prove to myself and to the world that it is possible to manifest everything you desire. And then I will teach you how to do the same! That is my big vision.

Every great deed began with a little thought.

We live in an age in which we can retrieve information instantly at any time. Consequently, we can easily learn the secrets of rich, successful people, through books, podcasts, courses and more. We only need:

  1. The unconditional will to become rich and successful.
  2. Patience and persistence.

Never giving up is the key here. It is normal to doubt yourself and to question everything sometimes. Questioning is an incredible ability of us humans on this planet. The ability to reflect is a gift that we can use to shape our lives ourselves. You are the creator of your own destiny!

Wealth and success

What these two words mean depends on you. Wealth can mean material wealth, but also richness in beautiful experiences, wonderful people or positive thoughts. Success is something that surely everyone strives for. Or have you ever met someone who told you he/she did not want to be successful?

Success is a very individual thing. Success means achieving goals you set for yourself. Consequently, the first step towards success is defining your own goals and dreams. And what better occasion to redefine these things than the beginning of a new year?

2019, Los Geht's! - Neujahrsvorsätze und Ziele - FRUIT FAIRY

Mid-term goals

Of course, more than once a year you should think about whether your life is going in the right direction. It’s helpful to remind yourself of your achievements so far and what things are still on the list. Once a month, I reflect on my greatest achievements and plan the coming month. Furthermore, New Years is a great opportunity to think beyond just one month and give your life plan a long-term perspective.

My goals in 2019

Finally, let’s continue with my personal goals for the year 2019. In my last post, I reflected on the year 2018 and highlighted a few areas of my life. These are also the areas that I would like to develop in 2019.

Please note that my goals are very personal and by no means universal for everyone. I’m sharing these goals with you, so you get an idea of ​​what goals could look like.

These are my personal top 10 goals 2019:

  1. Financial Freedom (4-digit residual income)
  2. Further education and further development of my top skills
  3. Networking and world-changing collaborations with like-minded people
  4. Community growth on social media
  5. Regular blog posts (at least 1 recipe + blog post per month)
  6. Bilingual website including recipes
  7. Travel to at least 10 new countries
  8. Expand Veganmeetups internationally
  9. Intuitive exercise + alignment with my body
  10. Finish my master’s degree successfully and without stress

These goals include some affairs of my heart as well as basic developments that I would like to promote in my life. Life is a game and you are player 1. Imagine you could achieve EVERYTHING – what goals would you set for yourself? Always think too big, rather than too small.

Why New Year’s resolutions?

What does this word actually mean? A resolution means to resolve something in your life. What challenges or problems would you like to resolve? You decide consciously which direction you want to take in certain areas of life. Unlike concrete goals, New Year’s resolutions are more or less basic rules to act on. They can cover fitness, nutrition, health, housing, partnership, personality development, work and every other area of your life. You choose for yourself.

However, resolutions need to be formulated specifically. “More exercise” is more difficult to measure than “going to the gym at least once a week”. My intention for 2018 was to read at least 1 book per week. Unfortunately, it was not quite fulfilled but I read more books in total than I would have without the resolution.

So, be aware that New Year’s resolutions are just basic rules that you define for the new year to come closer to your long-term goals. For this purpose, you first have to know your goals and define them in the first step.

My New Year’s resolutions

Based on my goals, my New Year’s resolutions are as follows:

  • Do a thing that drives my business every day
  • Educate for at least 5 minutes every day (I learn Spanish with Babbel and take some online courses)
  • Be open and approach people
  • Focus on GIVING – what goes around comes around
  • 1 monthly blog post (the monthly favorites will continue in 2019, but more in the form of a specific topic that I write a blog post about and pick up on my favorites)
  • Allow enough time for myself, e.g. in the form of a mindful morning and evening routine
  • Love and accept my body 100%
  • Make decisions based on my intuition
  • Regularly reflect and remind myself of my purpose and vision


I hope this personal blog post gave you some ideas and inspired you to set some goals for yourself. If you like, you can comment your resolutions below this post or leave a few words as a feedback.

Lots of love, ?



  1. bilberryelf
    January 16, 2019 / 5:32 am

    Such a beautigul post! Thank you for sharing all your tips and inspiration 🙂 I’ll definitely use them.
    I’ve always been a big dreamer myself too. One thing I like to say is, that you should always shoot for the stars, because if you do, even if you don’t go all the way, you’ll at least go a lot higher than if you just went for what is “easy” and “safe” 🙂
    I really want to make a positive change in the world, which I don’t know exactly how now, but I’m going to do all I can to make it true!
    So figuring out what I want to do is a good first goal I guess 😉 Looking and applying for all kinds of things, jobs, volunteering, university or something maybe for the autumn…
    And I want to build my own website! And start blogging myself. Already started planning and looking at options.
    I would also love to grow my Instagram, so I’m experimenting with changing my style, how I write captions…
    In general, connecting with more wonderful people. Being more open.
    I also want to learn something new every day! Currently, I’m using Skillshare a lot. I actually also signed up for the teaching challenge, so maybe I’ll even make my own class xD
    I’ve also started looking at maybe taking a yoga teacher certification course (: I’m already resolved to do yoga every day since two years ago when I started. Meditating more actively is something I want to improve.
    2019 already feels so exciting. Everything truly IS possible, like you say! It was a lot of fun to write everything down, haha, I almost wrote a blog post myself xD Don’t know if anyone wants to read this, but thank you for the opportunity and all the encouragement 🙂

    • January 17, 2019 / 12:45 pm

      Thanks for your sharing your lovely plans! I noticed you enjoy writing a lot so a blog would be your ideal medium. Keep me updated on how it goes! xx

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