Year In Review 2018 – Successes, Challenges And Happy Moments

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2018 was a magical year in many ways, full of challenges and wonderful encounters. There are so many things happening and at the same time it feels like the last New Year’s Eve was only a few weeks back. This post is nostalgic and very personal as I’m sharing my personal life story of a whole year.

The older you get, the faster time runs.

And the older I get, the more true this statement becomes to me. I learned to handle my time more consciously in 2018. Lifetime is the most valuable thing we have. So I chose to spend the last days of the year reflecting and manifesting to make 2019 the best year of my life.

I hope that this blog post will inspire you to reflect your year and to make some – realistic – New Year’s resolutions for 2019. But before we move on to the next year, let’s have a closer look atthe wonderful, eventful year 2018.

Year in Review 2018 - Successes, challenges and happy moments | LAURA FRUIT FAIRY

Changes in 2018

As you may have seen on my Instagram, I visited various countries and worked on several projects in 2018. In the following, you can find a small summary of the most beautiful and biggest changes and experiences from the year 2018.


I have always been the type of person who had only a handful of very intense friendships. People come and go, and when a friendship ends, the next one is already waiting around the corner. If I’ve learned one thing from my countless moves and travels, it’s this: you can find friends everywhere. You only have to open yourself and show interest in people.

My interpersonal relationships have been catapulted to the next level thanks to the book How to Win Friends And Influence People. In addition to The Power of Habit and The Power of Discipline, it was the best self-help book I read in 2018. Also, if you’d like to bring your English to a professional level, you can use this book for the purpose of improving your vocabulary. I love Dale Carnegie’s impressive writing style and I will definitely read the book again.

At this point, I would like to thank these 3 people especially:

  • Alexa, because she loves and accepts me as I am. Thank you, Alexa, for your unwavering faith in the goodness of people and in every situation. And for your calm nerves on our accidental digression through the wilderness in Nusa Penida. Lastly, I want to thank you for the feeling of security and the undivided attention you give me when we are together.
  • Joy, whom I met for the first time in March, and the wonderful friendship that developed beyond our common interests. Thank you for introducing me to your world. Thank you for your radiant, joyful nature and your joyful “kicks”. ? You have enriched my life on so many levels.
  • Michi, who gave me the most valuable tips and advice. Thank you for your honest, outspoken opinion. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences so generously with the world and accepting yourself as you are. I learned more from you about life in one year of friendship than in 12 years of school.

People enter your life when you send out the corresponding resonance. Your environment is an exact reflection of your inner thoughts and feelings. What lesson can people in your current environment teach you? What can you learn from them? These questions can be used, for example, for your own annual reflection or as a diary / journaling topic.

Year in Review 2018 - Successes, challenges and happy moments | LAURA FRUIT FAIRY



2018 was a successful year in many ways. Although the summer semester at the Hochschule Düsseldorf cost me a lot of time and nerves, I managed to triple my turnover compared to 2017. This compares my (self-employed) income with the average starting salary of a master student in marketing.

My conclusion? I will stay self-employed! In 2019, my goal is to triple my income again – exponentially! The core component for success is the right mindset. Only if you have the absolute will, you will reach your goal. My lifelong dream is ultimate financial and geographic freedom – and I work on it daily. Step by step. What is your life goal?

In order to reach my goal, I have been constantly working on myself in 2018 and have been educating myself in various areas. The better you are, the higher your perceived self-esteem. And the more self-conscious you are, the higher the price (or salary) you can comfortably ask for. So my revenue increase is a reflection of my increased self-esteem. On Instagram, I regularly pick up on this topic in my captions and sometimes also in my IG stories.



Books, seminars, YouTube videos, workshops and conversation with other people are just a few possibilities for further education. At the very beginning books have helped me most to train my mindset on positivity & self-confidence. These are the basic factors for success – a deep fundamental trust in your own life path and the ability to draw valuable lessons from all events.

Further to that, I completed a Pinterest Online Workshop this year, educated myself about photography on Karl Taylor’s website, and watched editing tutorials for hours. But still, the best training is the application of theory. The result of my passion for editing are my first presets that enable you to easily edit your images with one click. 15% discount code for my readers: fairypresets ♥ ️

Year in Review 2018 - Successes, challenges and happy moments | LAURA FRUIT FAIRY

Check out the Presets page for more before and after pics.



Last year I set myself a goal for 2018: to reach 100k followers. The algorithm has become even nastier compared to the early years on Instagram but nevertheless, I reached the 100k followers in March. Meanwhile, my Instagram account is at 120k and I focus more on the quality of my content than on growth. I want to inspire as many of you as possible to live self-determined, to pay attention to your health and to manifest the life of your dreams. Nutrition tips and recipes are still part of my content, but now I post just as much lifestyle and travel content. I do not stress about statistics, but post what I like.

Although my audience did not grow as fast as it did in 2017, my profile still showed steady growth. But what matters more than numbers are the people behind them. The most important element of Instagram is the social aspect. I love the mutual inspiration and the daily exchange of ideas, kindness and valuable tips. That’s why I still answer all comments and direct messages – even if it takes me a while.

In addition, I created three new accounts in 2018: a photography account, my presets account, and the veganmeetups page. These accounts are there just for fun so we will see what 2019 brings.

Year in Review 2018 - Successes, challenges and happy moments | LAURA FRUIT FAIRY


One of my other pillars of self-employment is this blog here. In 2018, I really got into SEO and Pinterest. You ask yourself why Pinterest? Because many large blogs now receive the majority of traffic through Pinterest, that is, pins that are provided with links.

If you also have a blog, I highly recommend Tailwind, which you can use to automate pins. Be aware, this is not a bot! The program only publishes pins of your choice at times of your choice. Tailwind is very easy to use and up to a certain number of pins you can use it for free.

Blog Collabs

Even though I earn significantly more money with Instagram, I also did some blog collaborations in 2018. For example, I got a bike for a post about exercise tips and a camper for a road trip through northern Italy. For LG, I tested a futuristic washing machine and educated you about proper recycling after visiting a sustainable event by Ecover. I also created recipes for customers. I am so curious which topics will make it to my blog in 2019!

Another great development for me was making the blog bilingual. I now write all posts in German and English. Only the recipes are currently only available in English. But that will change in 2019. In addition, I am already planning some design-technical changes. Stay tuned!



Of course, my favourite travels of the year must not be missing in a year-in-review. In 2017 I planned to travel a lot to explore new cultures and broaden my horizon. These are the destinations I visited:


Alexa and I spent a whole month in Bali in beautiful accommodations and visited many delicious restaurants, all of course very Instagram worthy. The Buddhist island completely enchanted us. I can now understand the Bali hype and would recommend everyone to go there at least once. If the south is too touristy, you can explore the still relatively undeveloped north and, for example, spend a few days in Munduk.

My first Bali Vlog is about getting started in my favorite town Canggu. In the second vlog I visit a traditional Balinese ceremony and in the third vlog I take you to weekend markets and hip restaurants in Canggu. A fourth vlog is still in progress – better late than never, right? : D

Year in Review 2018 - Successes, challenges and happy moments | LAURA FRUIT FAIRY


In February, I traveled to the beautiful city of Istanbul. It was only my second visit to Turkey, but my first in Istanbul. Although my stay was much too short, I enjoyed the Turkish flair and the pleasant climate to the fullest. It will not be my last time – I can promise you that already! 😉


In August and September, my travels took me to Italy, Budapest, Barcelona and France. The respective blog posts are linked. Since I am still studying, I only had time during the semester break and fully exploited it. In addition, I visited the beautiful Belgian city of Ghent for a few days and immediately fell in love.


Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an


Ein Beitrag geteilt von Laura ? Düsseldorf ? Vegan (@laurafruitfairy) am

You could say that I achieved my goal to travel a lot in 2018. In Barcelona I visited Alexa, who is doing her semester abroad. I recorded our adventures in a vlog on YouTube. My sister chose Budapest for her semester abroad and of course I visited her there for a few days. In the Budapest vlog I show you the most beautiful vegan food spots. Another highlight of my year was the Yoga Festival in Bad Meinberg.

Year in Review 2018 - Successes, challenges and happy moments | LAURA FRUIT FAIRY

Vegan Meetups

Most of you probably already know that I run the Instagram page @veganmeetups and take care of the organization of Germany-wide meetups. I voluntarily accepted this task after attending the first Instagram picnic in Cologne in 2017. This day was one of the most beautiful and exciting days of my life. On that day I first met Alexa, Michi, Alex (Free Athlete), Anja (xanjuschx), Yvonne (Grass and Stones), Jacky (plantastybites), Michelle (michelliiii) and many other great people.

In summer 2018, almost every weekend there was at least one meetup in a larger German city. Even a Meetup in Austria and one in Barcelona came about. For 2019, the internationalization will be expanded and next London is on the list. More info will follow on veganmeetups when the time comes. Of course there will be many more neetups in German cities as soon as it gets warmer.

Year in Review 2018 - Successes, challenges and happy moments | LAURA FRUIT FAIRY

On request, I also like to invite you to the veganmeetups Whatsapp group or the respective groups of cities. Just write on @veganmeetups! The meetups are there for all of us to connect, exchange and make friends in real life. I’m happy to see you there!


Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an


Unser letztes Meetup – #meetupindüsseldorf Infos zu den anderen Meetups folgen bald.

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Vegan Food & Good Vibes ?? (@veganmeetups) am


One of my highlights and major changes this year was the registration in a new gym and the personal training with Nathalie. Although I train less often, it’s more effective due to lots of full-body exercises. My personal goal is to stay fit and get stronger bit by bit – but I don’t need to go to the gym every day to achieve that. My goal is not bodybuilding competitions, but own challenges like pullups and handstands.

I also go to yoga classes every now and then, but not regularly. However, a few minutes of yoga in the evening at home have become a mandatory routine for me. In addition, the feetup trainer has become an integral part of my morning routine. In head-up exercises, the blood shoots into the head, which makes you fit and keeps you young due to the increased circulation in the face.

Year in Review 2018 - Successes, challenges and happy moments | LAURA FRUIT FAIRY

A little preview of 2019

Overall, the year 2018 was very successful for me. Despite an exhausting summer semester and a lot of work, I finally mastered all the challenges. Let’s hope that 2019 will be even better!

I would like to further expand all areas (blog, Instagram, business, etc.) and also explore new ways of earning money as a self-employed creative. 2019 will be the year of my financial freedom. I have decided this for myself and I am commited to achieve this goal.

Uni, travel and work

For me, the new year begins with exams and presentations. University then pauses for 2 months in which I will travel for about 6 weeks. I really look forward to telling you about my plannned adventures. I don’t want to reveal too much yet, but I’ll say this: I will travel to a very unusual country on February 6.

Because so many are always asking me on Instagram, let’s talk about my master’s degree: I study multimedia, communication and market management (I always say “something like marketing”) in Düsseldorf. In 2019, I will be in the 4th Master’s Semester of a total of 5 – normally there are only four, but I chose to postpone my thesis to autumn 2019.

So in short, 2019 will be the year in which I expect to finish my studies and move into financial freedom. Honestly, I couldn’t imagine a permanent position because I love creative, independent work. I look forward to the wonderful doors that will open and the people I will meet next year.

Dear reader, I wish YOU all the best for the new year 2019, with all my heart. May all your dreams and manifestations come true!




Disclaimer: This post contains a few affiliate links.

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  1. December 31, 2018 / 1:36 pm

    Thank you for the lovely post Laura 😀

    I can relate so much to only having a few but very close friendships. That’s how it’s always been for me too.

    Wishing you the best of luck with your business and being self-employed! My life-goal is to make a positive impact in the world 🙂 I’m not sure exactly how right now, if I’ll work with some kind of organization that I believe in, or if I want to start something of my own, but I’m definitely taking steps toward that goal in 2019, and I’ve already “cheated” a bit with starting 😉

    I really love what you’re doing on your Instagram, so it makes me really happy that you’re enjoying it too 🙂

    So looking forward to the fourth Bali vlog too! Loved all the other ones so far 🙂

    Here’s hoping that I can attend one of the meetups next year too 🙂

    Best of luck with university as well! And I’m really excited to hear more about your travel plans, sounds exciting 🙂

    Let’s make 2019 our best year yet 😀 wishing you all the best <3

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