My Lightroom Presets Are Out! + November Favorites


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The last few days I permanently felt as if I had drunk 3 cups of coffee (I rarely drink coffee). Creating the presets and setting up the online store took all my nerves and at the same time gifted me with many productive hours of full focus and motivation. I worked really hard on making the presets work on all kinds of pictures. Finally, I can announce proudly: My Lightroom Presets are out!

In this blog post, I will introduce my monthly favorites, give you a short Life Update and explain in a nutshell what Lightroom Presets are and how you can use them on your pictures. You can also find editing tutorials and instructions on my Instagram as well as in my stories and story highlights.

I released 3 preset collections: City, Nature & Master feat. all presets + 2 bonus presets.

What is Lightroom?

A short explanation for those of you who have no idea what Lightroom is: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC is an image editor. The program can open and edit RAW files (high quality camera files) and offers a lot of different settings for professional editing. In the world of photographers, it is the most popular program for editing images beside Photoshop.

What are presets?

Presets are settings that can be saved and transfered to other images. When editing an image you change settings such as contrast, colouring and clarity. These settings can be saved and pasted on another image. Using presets, you can save time and maintain a coherent style when editing multiple images. Images that are edited with the same preset all have the same look. Persets are the perfect tool for creating a unique, coherent and professional looking Instagram feed. Other people’s presets have also helped me learned Lightroom – You can look at all the settings and view the effect they have on a picture immediately as you apply the preset to a picture.

How do I use presets?

Depending on whether you have a Lightroom subscription (10 € for students, otherwise 12 €) or just want to use the free app on your phone, you must first decide on a version: Desktop or Mobile. The desktop presets can also be used on the mobile version if you have a Lightroom subscription.

Once you have decided on a collection, you will get 2 files: the presets as a ZIP file and an installation guide. In the guide you will find everything you need to know for setting up and using the presets. By the way, you can find a video tutorial for the Mobile Collection here.

Once the presets are installed, you can transform your pictures with just one click. Professional editing made easy! I also use these presets for my lifestyle pictures here on the blog and in my Instagram feed.

Hope you enjoy the editing with these presets!

Here are a few impressions on how you can transform an unedited image with the presets in one click:

Laura Fruit Fairy Lightroom Presets Fruit Fairy Lightroom Presets Lightroom Presets November Favoriten Presets November Favoriten

Check out the Presets for more before & after edits.


Giveaways on Instagram

For the pre-Christmas season, I have thought of something very special: Every Sunday (the 4 Sundays before Xmas) and mid-week there will be a giveaway on my Instagram account. That’s a total of 7 giveaways! There are exciting things to win: vouchers, healthy food, jewelry and even a technical device. Stay tuned! In order to not miss anything, I recommend you to turn on notifications for my Instagram posts. You can find this setting in the top right on my profile. Good luck!



Every month I test different products either at trade fairs or at home, when companies send me something. The best and most exciting products make it to my blog.

My new favorite chocolate

I could not do without chocolate in life. I love to melt a few pieces on my warm porridge. So easy and to die for! Every now and then I also treat myself to a few pieces in the evening.

The other day something rare happened to me: Suddenly the whole chocolate was gone. : D

And I felt good! No sugar-high, no feeling of fullness, no guilty conscience. Because it was a chocolate bar from Makri that only contains dates as a natural sweetener. As a result, the chocolate contains more fiber and nutrients. Besides, it tastes so good! I discovered my new favorite chocolate.

My favorite variety? Hard to say. But probably the dark, because I love the cocoa taste. The date chocolate is available online at Makri or at fairs.

Ecological towels

Honestly, I’ve never really thought about the way towels are produced. Until Kushel came up to me and sent me a set of their organic towels. The first impression – wow, so soft!

Kushel uses organically sourced resources and plants 2 trees for each bath towel sold. Thereby, more resources are returned to nature than are used for manufacturing. The idea is to sustainably revolutionize the industry with this concept. And the towels are so soft!

The drone

Anyone following me on Instagram certainly could not have overlooked the drone images. I’m in love! Taking pictures and flying around with the drone is so much fun. It is a toy and a camera at the same time.

Unfortunately, it’s not my drone! I borrowed it from Chadi’s shop. He rents out cameras and drones for your travels, events etc.  The shop is run by a friend of mine, who now lives in Berlin.

Drohne November Favorites

Drohne November Favorites

Here you can find a list of discount codes for different shops.


In November, I uploaded two new recipes:

Soon all the recipes will be bilingual, but there are a few technical changes that need to be made on my blog first. For 2019 this project is already planned. 🙂

These two recipes are perfect for the winter. I especially adore the banana bread with its delicious pumpkin flavor! The beautiful yellow cake will fill you with love and make you feel warm on the inside. And the delicious spices and wholesome flours make the recipe a really healthy treat.

Rezepte November Favorites


Song of the month

Solee – Feiern. 

Be sure to listen to this with subwoofers! I never go to techno parties, but I love the music to relax at home. 🙂


Life Update

November was a good month for me. The colder it gets, the more productive I get. I’ve done so many things that I’m really proud of. Most of all, I’ve rediscovered my love for food photography (or should I say expanded?) since I got a new camera. I introduced it to you last month.

Apart from creating the presets, I did many more photoshoots; often with the drone, but also a lot with my new camera. Editing and taking pictures is my biggest passion at the moment. In the next few months, you can expect many more pictures and projects dealing with photography and editing. I am looking forward to sharing a surprise with you soon! Can you guess what it is? 🙂

Until then, I hope you have a beautiful December and enjoy the Christmas season! Enjoy the time with your loved ones and reflect on what really matters in life. Until 2019!



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