September Life Update + Monthly Favorites

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Hola and Szia, guys! I’m greeting you in Spanish and Hungarian because in September I visited these two countries. In this blog post, there is also a little Life Update, some recommendations and inspirations and a short introduction of my new gym for you. These blog posts always take a long time but I really enjoy writing them. I hope you find something inspiring for you this time as well. If you understand German, I recommend you switch to read it in the original language this post was written in. 🙂


Life Update

The summer passed away with a last heat wave and my semester break ended as well. Now it’s time for full power autumn and going back to uni. Luckily, in this semester I only have 1 subject and 1 project with about 10 hours work load per week. This leaves enough time for my own projects and ideas, which I always have more than enough of. So in the near future you can expect more YouTube videos, (hopefully) regular blog posts and some surprises. As the days get shorter and the temperatures much cooler, I have more time to spend working on laptop.

Our vegan picnics are paused over the winter, but you can look forward to smaller Christmas Market Meetups in December. What’s really crazy: More than 1,300 people are interested in the Meetups and now follow our Instagram page. Madness! I’m just so thankful for the incredible community we’ve created here.

september life update


There are 3 new videos on my YouTube Channel. I’m really proud that I uploaded so many because I had a break of several months, in which I uploaded very sporadically. I have loved making videos since elementary school! Back then I used my dad’s old VHS camera. If you have video requests, let me know. I already have some videos on different topics, but most of them are 2-3 years old.

New videos in September:



After traveling a lot in August, there were also a few trips in September. At the beginning of the month I flew to Budapest to visit my sister, followed by Stuttgart (my home), Barcelona, and Berlin.

My next big trip will happen at the end of March 2019 and you are invited! I have planned an 8-day trip through Costa Rica with some adventures waiting for you. Amongst other things we will do:

  • White Water Rafting
  • Zipline through the jungle
  • Snorkelling
  • Forest hikes
  • San Jose City Tour
  • Kayaking
  • Fruit market and tasting of tropical fruits

Transport, hotel and breakfast are always included. So you just have to come to the airport and everything will be taken care of. If you’re interested, write me a message or simply book through this link. The number of spots is limited so we can get to know each other during the trip. This trip is unique and will take place only once. If you don’t have travel plans yet and would like to come, then do not hesitate and let me know! 🙂

I look forward to exploring Costa Rica with you soon!



The beautiful Hungarian capital is something very special. Built around 1900, it’s offers a unique mix of communist influence, modern architecture and other European influences. When I visited my sister in her shared flat, I already noticed the many vintage and antique shops on the way there. But even the old, rundown houses with their musty cellar smells have their own charm.

If you can take a long weekend off, be sure to put Budapest on your travel list. The best travel time is spring and fall, as it can be very hot in summer. We had between 24 and 30 degrees Celsius in early September – perfect for a sightseeing tour by bike. My tip: Check out TripAdvisor for well-rated tours.

Our favorite place: Definitely Fisherman’s Bastion. It doesn’t only offer a wonderful view over the entire city, but can also take beautiful photographs. Nevertheless, be aware that you should be there before 9 o’clock to avoid the tourist masses.

Budapest September

Here you can find my Food Guide for Budapest and a link to the vlog.



Even though I only had 3 full days in the Catalan capital, I enjoyed the time to the fullest. In Barcelona, there is a different climate zone, which allowed me to wear my summer dresses one last time before the beginning of fall.

You just have to experience Barcelona. I was lucky that my dear Alexa could accommodate me and led me through the city. A vlog will be online soon, so keep your eyes open.

september barcelona


Song of the month: Boris Brejcha – Moondancer

This song relaxes me so much and gives me a good mood at the same time. Especially the playful elements from 4:45 and the slow increase during the entire track simply triggers happiness hormones.



This month I’d like to introduce 3 talented girls to you. I’m in love with the colourful creations by Nourishing Andrea, and the chocolate goodness by Gina Marie. For some travel inspiration, check out Natalie, a German girl from my hometown who documents her travels with beautiful photographs.



Finally you can subscribe to my blog via email. Since I added the function to my homepage, some of you have already registered to receive automatic updates. Thank you so much! I appreciate every feedback and regular reader on my blog. Websites have something much more personal than Instagram profiles, I think. After all, every visitor consciously decides to open this page. That’s why I’m so happy some of you are now being notified by email about my new blog posts. Leave me a comment, if you have any wishes or suggestions regarding blog post topics. I am always very happy to hear from you.



Walnuts are the kings among the nuts. So it really makes sense to include walnuts in hearty meals as well. I prefer to eat them in the form of creamy walnut butter, which makes a great salad dressing base. It is very rich, so you don’t need to add any oil. Walnuts, unlike oil, contain many essential fats (omega 3), fiber, an abundant amount of protein and a great deal of micro-nutrients. The dressing is part of the Mexican Buddha Bowl recipe I published in September.

Mexikanische Budda bowl September

Recipe here.



This month I finally registered at a new gym in Düsseldorf. My old gym was always packed and very smelly so I’m glad I finally left. Evo Fitness is a boutique gym where I can train barefoot. 🙂

If you are interested in testing Evo, you can arrange a free trial here. It costs 49 € per month and you can cancel monthly, 4 weeks in advance. With the code F54 you get the current month for free and save the registration fee! Nathalie does the personal training with me and helps me to improve my posture. Since health comes first for me, I’m so thankful for this opportunity! I would recommend Evo to everyone, as the consultation and training are individually tailored your needs.



Last but not least, I will introduce you to a few books that I have listened to on Audible or read in paper format. I prefer to read “real” books, but for time reasons I listen to most of them in the form of audio books.

A wonderful book that has inspired me in recent days is Rise Sister Rise* by Rebecca Campbell.  I would definitely recommend the audiobook it because the author reads it out herself. I would recommend it to all women who are ready to step into their spiritual feminine power. The book introduced a new perspective on female power and the role of women in this world to me.

In terms of productivity and organization, I still have significant need for optimization. Maybe some of you feel the same. To be honest, to-do lists and other productivity tools came into my life only about a year ago, when I became serious about being self-employed. David Allen’s Getting Things Done* is currently helping me learn stress-free productivity. During the reading, I stop frequently to apply what I have just learned and to take notes. Although reading takes longer like this, it is much more effective.

If you feel you could use more money, you should read the book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind*. In a humorous way, the author Harv Eker tells how he has become a multi-millionaire – with the right attitude and handy tips. I listened to the Audiobook and devoured it attentively.

*affiliate links


Thanks for reading and see you next month! 🙂








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