Monthly Favourites + Highlights of July & August

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Sun, beach and happiness were so due in August after all those exams and studying sessions in July. Obviously, studying needs to be compensated with a long vacation.

In this monthly favorites I wrote down my biggest highlights as well as a few thoughts that I wanted to write down for so long. This series serves to reflect, to pass on recommendations and to report on news. Like a kind of diary, but public. I love to read personal posts myself, so I’ve launched this series for exactly this reason – to give you a piece of authenticity and reality in this digital world.

Highlights of the months of July and August

July started quite relaxed with many vegan meetups and events and a lot of exercise. But the weeks passed quickly and my exams were scheduled at the end of July. In my last favorites post, I told you what I’m currently studying and why. The second semester of my Master’s degree took me by surprise, so that until the end I did not notice how heavy the load had become. It was not until  the 1st of August that I finally began my well-deserved semester break, that I felt how much I had missed this relaxed ease. Nothing relaxes me more than traveling. Do you feel that way too?


This month, a few trips were on my bucket list. Finally, I could compensate for all the studying and working in the previous months. It started on August 1st with a family vacation to France.


For almost 10 years camping in Alsace has been our tradition. This holiday was once again pure relaxation, as our campsite is next to a nature reserve, we had perfect weather, and the lake has a pleasant sandy beach. Most of all, the little social media detox was much needed. Reading, cycling, swimming and spending time with my family and friends were my main activities. Pure relaxation!


Mid August my sister and me returned home for a day and continued our vacation with a 1-week road trip to Italy. You can read about our complete tour of Italy including costs, stations and information about our RV in this blog post.


Almost directly after the Road Trip I flew to Berlin. I held a kitchen class at the Wanderlust Festival for the snack bar manufacturer RAWBITE to teach people how to make their own bars. The workshop was a great success and will probably be repeated in the future. Of course I will inform you about other exciting events like this on my Instagram. 🙂

And since I was already in Berlin anyway and love the city, I stayed a few days longer. Every day I had the tastiest vegan food. “Mix & match your own bowls” and vegan food in general have become two huge trends! All my recommendations and restaurant reviews can be found in this updated 2018 Berlin Food Guide.

Berlin in August

Xperience Festival

One of my absolute highlight of the month followed right after my trip to Berlin. Together with Annelina, I went to Bad Meinberg to attend the biggest yoga festival in Germany. It was my second year in a row and the third one is likely to follow in 2019. I highly recommend the festival to you if you practice yoga or are interested in spirituality and mindfulness. Never before have I experienced so many useful workshops, met wonderful people and enjoyed magical yoga classes all at once. Ticket sales for 2019 start in spring and you should get tickets quickly if you want a room in the Yoga Vidya center. Tent sites are cheaper, but staying in the room is much more pleasant!

Xperience Festival


Book recommendation

On vacation, I finally had time for reading again! After my packed exam phase, the first voluntarily read book felt like freedom. Thankfully, this book has turned out to be one of the best I’ve ever read. I already knew that it was an absolute classic when I ordered it. But I didn’t expect it to be that EXCITING and useful. You can find the book under these links:

How To Win Friends And Influence People *

German version:

Wie man Freunde gewinnt: Die Kunst, beliebt und einflussreich zu werden *

The book is from 1936 and therefore written in a fairly old fashioned manner. So you don’t only absorb exciting content, but at the same time improve your literary skills. Win win! For me, the book can be described in one word: Splendid! Thanks to the short chapters and meaningful structuring you read through it in no time. By the way, you will find more of my favorite books here.

*affiliate links



Despite many holidays I was more active in August than in July. I still use my beloved tracker “Versa” from Fitbit, which sends me a weekly summary of my activity via email. In fact, during the holidays, I was generally more active than at home, where I regularly visit the gym. That showed me once again: An active lifestyle is everything! You can not compensate the 10 hours a day you’re just sitting around with 1-2 hours of exercise a day. Our bodies are designed to keep moving. Since I work a lot on my laptop, I make sure to take breaks regularly – preferably every half hour for about 5 minutes. I also have a standing desk, which I sometimes use as a “dance desk”. Who says that only standing and working is allowed?

You can find 5 easy steps to get into a workout routine in this blogpost.



This month I recommended German products to you in the German version of this blog post.


Instagram Inspiration

You’ll probably have noticed that, after a semester break, I’ve been pursuing my second greatest passion after creating food pictures: Traveling. Travel photography, especially on Instagram, presents completely new challenges and offers a completely different potential. For instance, a picture with a beautiful landscape hits like a bomb on Instagram. Nevertheless, you should definitely avoid those typical tourist pictures, like smiling into the camera. I love the flawless travel aesthetic of @topolindra, @thegingerwanderlust, and @marta_sierra – my Instagram travel inspiration this month.



There are always a lot of ideas buzzing around in my head, for which I often miss the time. That’s why I’m not going to plan too much for the next two months. My focus will majorily be on taxes, blog work and YouTube. If I still have capacities left, you may soon witness the launch of my first Lightroom preset collection. I wanted to publish it at the beginning of the year, but became so overwhelmed by the workload at university. Maybe I’m a bit too perfectionist, too. But I’m confident that I’ll share my editing style with you soon! It’s only a matter of time.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the first weeks of fall! 🙂



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