How To Double Your Time With The LG TwinWash

How To Double Your Time With The LG TwinWash

How To Double Your Time With The LG TwinWash

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Imagine you could double your time. Wouldn’t that be nice? Laundry washing is one of the things we would like to spend as little time as possible with. Two laundry loads at the same time … that’s it! And it is possible now. Thanks to the new washing machine “TwinWash” from LG, you can wash 2 wash loads at the same time, which also saves water and conserves resources. Are you still washing or are you already twashing?


How I got to the TwinWash

A few years ago I promised myself that a big high-tech fridge would be the first thing I’d buy when I move into my own flat. Meanwhile, I have a flat since last year, but there is already a fairly large, well-functioning fridge in it. When LG invited me to an event where the new “InstaView” was presented, I was still curious. So I went to Hamburg to have a look at the chic appliance. Unfortunately, I was not among the winners in the local raffle and had to go home without a high-tech refrigerator. A short time later, however, came the opportunity to try out another device from LG – namely, the TwinWash presented here. I learned about the environmentally friendly and time-saving features and immediately agreed to the collaboration. Shortly afterward a state-of-the-art washing machine with a very appealing design was delivered to our house.


Exciting things you can do with the LG TwinWash

When you see the TwinWash for the first time, you will, of course, notice the chic design, but also the size. In addition to the main drum there a small top loader in the base of the washing machine, where a second load can be washed in parallel. The main drum holds 10kg and the small drum 2kg.



A built-in touch screen is used for the comfortable operation of the upper loader. To operate the small drum, you have to pull it out and use the built-in touchscreen there. TwinWash offers various programs for different textiles, the steam cleaning “Steam Refresh” for wrinkle-free laundry and an allergy program for the elimination of pollen.

The duration of the wash depends on the weight of the laundry. After choosing the program, the drum closes and the appliance weighs the laundry. Since we always wash relatively much, the TwinWash usually calculates around 2h washing time. But there are also some faster programs that take only about 50-60 minutes and a speed program that makes your laundry fresh again in just 19 minutes.

The best thing is the happy melody at the end of the wash cycle. Time to hang out your laundry! You might be laughing now, but thanks to this detail, doing the laundry is actually fun. When you hear the 5-second melody at the end of a wash cycle, we always get happy because we know the TwinWash has once again done its job with flying colors! Even when you turn it on and off the washing machine sounds a friendly melody.


Save water and time with the LG TwinWash

Imagine being able to access your home washing machine from anywhere and turn it on whenever you want. For example, so that it will be ready when you come home. That’s possible with the TwinWash! With the associated app, you can control the LG TwinWash and check the washing status. Now we really need an app that hangs laundry! Would you like that too? 🙂

Since I first used a computer at the age of 6, I was very fond of modern technology. That’s why I’m very excited about this smart washing machine. It is honestly my very first home appliance with Wi-Fi! I never thought that a washing machine could be so cool. I thought: It must be able to wash well and that’s enough. But once you enjoy a washing machine that is actually fun, how can you go back to just washing?


A washing machine with its own character

Did you forget to put your sports pants in the washing machine and now it is already running? Thanks to the “add item” function that’s no problem! Interrupt the wash at any time and continue as soon as the forgotten laundry is inside. All you have to do is press the “Play” button and the TwinWash stops the wash temporarily. Forgotten laundry in, door closed, press “Play” again. I do not know if the button is actually called “Play”, but I love this gamification effect! 🙂

The LG TwinWash is quieter than conventional models “sings” a happy tune to call its owner. The washing machine then either wants you to add softener or just signal that the wash is done. It almost feels like the washing machine has its own character. “She” is happy when you turn her on and when she is allowed to finish a wash. And we are always happy with her!



You only realize how much time the washing actually takes when you move out of your parents’ home for the first time. I can only imagine what it must be like with a big family! The TwinWash with its two parallel washes is certainly a great relief for many mothers. It saves water, money and time. This leaves more time for the important things in life at the end of the day.

Since, unfortunately, the washing machine didn’t have the space it needed in my apartment, it was housed with my parents and has since offered my mother great fun washing. In fact, she is always happy to use the elegant touchscreen and hear the beautiful melody when it’s time to take out the laundry or add softener to the small drum.

The two separate washing drums allow us to flexibly run large or small laundry loads at the same time or individually at any time. For example, I like to wash my sports shoes in the small drum when I’ve been in the woods again in rainy weather. But also silicone laundry and cleaning cloths are well suited for the small drum.

The only thing I really regret is that the washing machine is now in the basement. This chic appliance would deserve to stand in the living area. It would upgrade every kitchen technically and visually. If you had TwinWash, where would you place it? Who knows, maybe one day I’ll move into a big flat and take it back … if my mother still wants to give it away… 



  1. Sarah
    May 15, 2018 / 4:50 pm

    Wie genial ist das den Laura!? Ich brauche das auch. Bei der ganzen Sportkleidung die ich als waschen muss echt praktisch. Was kostet der den?

    • May 16, 2018 / 11:31 am

      Hallo Sarah, ich finde sie auch ziemlich genial! Vor allem die kleine Trommel für schnelle Waschgänge zwischendurch. Der Preis hängt davon ab, wo du sie kaufst. Auf der Seite von LG kannst du online und lokale Händler finden und auf deren Seite schauen. LG

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