April Favourites


It’s time for a spring edition of my favourites series! Birds are chirping, butterflies are fluttering across the meadows and nature is awakening in its ultimate beauty. What a wonderful time to be alive! The spring months in Germany are definitely my favourites as well as the hot summer months that follow afterwards. I love heat, thunderstorms & watermelons!

They say May is the most beautiful month in Germany due to the blooming meadows, fields, and trees everywhere. But before we indulge in May’s astounding beauty, let’s recap the previous month with my April favourites:



On Instagram, I started a workout diary on 23 April. You can find some of my favorite workouts there in my highlighted story called “WORKOUT DIARY”. My personal issue is chronic back pain which I continuously try to prevent and treat when it occurs again. Interestingly, I have found a strong correlation between the hours I spend at university and the intensity of my lower back pain. Sitting on chairs is so bad for you, guys! Unfortunately, I don’t have a choice in class but what I can do is compensate those hours with back-friendly exercises like yogic squat, plank (which strengthens your core muscles, which in turn support your bones), and back exercises in the gym.

Recently, I have added inversions to my evening routine. They literally help me see things from another perspective! For inversions, I use my Feetup trainer. It’s well suited to build strength for handstand, headstand, and other upside-down asanas.

feetup trainerfeetup trainer fruit fairyfeetup trainer pose



Instagram account

This month’s Instagram crush is the cheerful Maria from @pilotmaria. All her pictures radiate pure joy and she has the most exciting job ever – she is a pilot! I love her yoga and travel inspiration as well as her radiant personality. Her pictures light up my feed!

pilot maria instagram


Food product

Company of the month is Govinda. (German online shop)

Govinda sells ecologically produced superfoods and innovative snacks such as raw bliss balls, superfood pasta made from red lentils or flaxseed pasta. Their ingredients lists are super clean and free from fuss!

(Govinda handelt fair, sozial und ökologisch. Außerdem sind die Produkte unglaublich innovativ und nur aus natürlichen Zutaten. Es gibt viele rohköstliche Lebensmittel und Superfood-Produkte wie Rote Linsen Nudeln mit Karotte und Leinsamen. Die Zutatenlisten sind frei von künstlichen Aromen und Chemikalien.)

–> Save 10% with the code “laurafruitfairy10”. Click here for a whole list of discount codes.


Travel destination

Due to all my uni assignments, I spent the whole month in Düsseldorf and surrounding areas. On my Instagram account, I kept posting Bali pictures so I guess Bali is the travel destination of my choice again this month! Make sure to check out my accommodation guide, this vegan-friendly restaurant guide, and the vlogs on my Youtube channel.



I have been obsessed with this banana-filled chocolate cake lately. It’s so easy and quick to make because it doesn’t require any baking. Instead of flour, it uses almonds and protein powder. The perfect post-workout afternoon treat! If you’re not into weight lifting, you can replace the protein powder with more almonds. If you remake this cake or any of my recipes, I’d love to see your creations on my Instagram! Make sure to tag the pictures with #healthyfairyfood so I don’t miss any of your posts!




  • Alef – Sol
  • Ennja – Let Go


May plans

Finally good weather! This month I will travel around Germany a lot. I will explore NRW (Nordrhein-Westfalen) as I only moved here last year in November and still haven’t visited some of the bigger cities in this part of Germany. I will also spend a weekend in Frankfurt, and two in Stuttgart.

Summer also means time for vegan picnics! We regularly organize large Instagram meet-ups with 50-100 participants and everybody is welcome!

Here are the next dates:

? 10 May in Berlin, Germany
? 19 May in Münster, Germany
? 26 May in Stuttgart, Germany
? 24 June in Düsseldorf, Germany
? 27 July in Salzburg, Austria
? 11 August in Munich, Germany

If you want to participate in any of these meet-ups (you don’t have to be German or speak German to join!), send me a direct message on Instagram so I can invite you to the Whatsapp group. I’d love to see some new faces at our picnics! All you have to do is bring some vegan food & a good mood.


Other plans:

  • Release my Lightroom presets for sale
  • Edit & upload my remaining Bali vlogs
  • Lots of uni assignments which unfortunately have the highest priority
  • Upload more recipes to my blog
  • Work on a monthly newsletter for you guys
  • Make new travel plans


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