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Bali is vegan food heaven. I knew that before I flew to Bali because I saw all those perfect flatlay shots on Instagram. Most of the restaurants in Bali are very vegan-friendly because of the all the hipsters, yogis, and conscious people the magical island attracts. From fully raw vegan restaurants to indulgent foodporn, you can find all types of cuisines and styles on the Indonesian island. In this blog post, I will list my favorites so you can start compiling a bucket list. My tip: Save this post to your Pinterest boards.


Peloton restaurant in Canggu, Bali


Restaurants in Bali

Due to the recent spike in tourism, now there are more restaurants in Bali than ever. Every month dozens of new restaurants open up and the standards are high. If you want to attract the crowd, you have to be unique. And most importantly, your food needs to be really GOOD. I have never eaten so much amazing WHOLESOME food in one place ever before. That’s probably the best thing about Bali: You don’t need to put your health or bikini body at risk to enjoy excellent food. I’ve heard many people say it’s so easy to be vegan/vegetarian because the non-vegetarian options are so limited. Sounds like an ideal world to me!

In this post, I clustered the restaurants in two categories: Canggu & Seminyak and Ubud. During our 1 month stay in Bali, we spent most of our time in those two areas. You can also find amazing food in Denpasar and Kuta but we didn’t go there because we didn’t feel too attracted by big city vibes and the party scene. We loved the yoga & surf culture in Ubud and Canggu. Since the north, west, and east of Bali are less touristy, you will hardly find hip vegan cafes there. Though, you can find excellent local food there! We loved the Gado Gado in Munduk, which comes with rice crackers and the best peanut sauce in the world!

I spent 2 weeks in Canggu and only 1 week in Ubud. Therefore you will find a larger list of restaurants in the Canggu & Seminyak section. Luckily, I also received many recommendations, which are listed under the restaurant descriptions. If you check out any of these restaurants, let me know! I’d love to know if this guide helped you.

Another great way to save these restaurants is to search for them on Google Maps on your phone and then click on “save“. I always select “Want to go”, which sets a green flag. If you find yourself hungry in Ubud or Canggu, those green pins on your mobile map can be extremely helpful. Saving places on Google Maps was a life-changer for me!

In the following, I will elaborately describe some of my favorite restaurants. Below that is a list of some additional recommendations I received from people during my stay and other places I’ve been to.

Canggu & Seminyak

Canggu is actually just a village but in recent years its beach has been attracting many surfers and digital nomads from all over the world. Now you can find a large expat community there with lots of hip restaurants, bars, coworking spaces, yoga studios and alike. Seminyak is “just the next village” but it offers a large variety of cute shops and restaurants, too. The traffic is heavy all day so you usually need around 20-30 minutes to get from Canggu to Seminyak. Most of the restaurants listed have many vegan options while some of them are completely vegan or vegetarian.


Cafe Organic

There are two locations where you can enjoy delicious organic food: Canggu and Seminyak. A third one is about to be opened soon, so stay tuned! We met the owner of Cafe Organic and created a special dish for the menu. Last year you could enjoy our high protein “Choc Chip Cookie Dough”. Also, try the CRISPY CAULIFLOWER WINGS.

Cookie Dough at Cafe Organic in Seminyak


Motion Cafe

Happy hour for protein shakes from 2-5! And their protein shakes taste better than all milkshakes I’ve tried so far. How can you make a protein shake taste like an indulgent dessert? I would die to know the secret! All dishes at Motion Cafe are clean, with carefully selected ingredients perfectly designed to fit an active lifestyle. Motion Cafe was priorly named Avocado Cafe and some people still call it by that name.

The Loft

This location only opened up a few months ago but it’s spreading the word of mouth fast. At The Loft you can find cold smoothie bowls, tasty wraps, and colorful bowls. My favorite was the green smoothie bowl! All smoothie bowls come with a gorgeous golden pineapple spoon, which makes your shots even more Instagrammable!

Green Ginger

Asian-inspired dishes made the healthy and nourishing way. Green Ginger is the second location of the famous Elephant, one of the oldest restaurants of its kind in Ubud. The food there is excellent because the owners clearly know what they’re doing.

Nalu Bowls

What’s better than cold smoothie bowls after a morning surf session? This must be what Nalu Bowls thought when they opened their smoothie bowl restaurant close to the beach. At Nalu Bowls, you will find girls in bikinis with sunglasses enjoying their cold coconuts and smoothie bowls. What we didn’t know: The standard toppings are just banana slices and granola so if you want extras, you have to ask. We loved our bowls!

Poke Poke

Poke bowls are originally made with fish, seaweed, rice, and vegetables. However, Poke Poke offers some vegan Poke bowls as well. I loved my red rice bowl with lettuce, nori, tempeh, tofu, and sprouts! It was the perfect bowl for me. The vegetarian sushi donuts are also vegan and an absolute must-try. Be warned: They are filled! Check out this Instagram post to find out what was the filling.


If you ask for the best restaurants in Canggu, most people would probably name Peloton. The restaurant is one of the most famous and oldest of its kind. Apparently, Peloton and Cafe Organic were two of the first healthy organic restaurants. At Peloton, you will find a relaxed atmosphere, great burgers, healthy bowls and different menus for breakfast and dinner. This means that if you want to eat smoothie bowls, you have to come before 1 pm. I didn’t know that so I had to go for a savory lunch – which turned out to be an excellent (and very photogenic) choice! I had the wholesome rainbow bowl with tempeh – big recommendation!


This restaurant is actually part of The Chillhouse – a surf and yoga resort. We had complimentary breakfast and lunch at Cassava while we stayed at The Chillhouse. Make sure to check out my full accommodation guide. While we stayed there, the team was working on opening the restaurant to the “outside world”. By the time that you read this, you’ll be able to dine at Cassava and enjoy the EPIC food without being a guest at the resort. Well, the food there was excellent. The chefs are incredibly skilled. Our favorites: The black rice pancake with dhal, “Avo Great Day” (avocado, mushrooms, and scrambled tofu on toast), and Nasi Campur (those peanut coated mushroom skewers though!). We literally ate these three dishes alternately because we couldn’t get enough of them.

Mad Pops

Fully vegan ice cream shop. Do I need to say more? There are two Mad Pops locations, one in Canggu and one in Seminyak. The one in Canggu is bigger and less crowded, so I recommend to check out that one. Unfortunately, we couldn’t try all flavors but I have some tips for you anyway: Crunchy caramel, matcha, and stracciatella. Oh, how I missed stracciatella in my vegan life!


The large variety of dishes definitely makes Nude worth visiting. However, they also serve meat so most of the dishes cannot be made vegan. My favorites: The protein bowl and the raw vegan papaya rolls. My friend Alex had raw vegan zoodles with meatballs and liked them a lot too. You see: From raw vegan food to dishes featuring meat – Nude kinda does everything.

Nude Cafe in Canggu, Bali

More Canggu & Seminyak recommendations:

  • The Shady Shack (vegan cake, candy & bliss ball paradise!)
  • District
  • 707 Beachberm (no food but electronic live music with a little dancefloor by the beach – THE place to be around sunset)
  • Kembali Bumbak
  • Bali Buda
  • Satu-Satu
  • Avocado Factory
  • Vinny’s Warung (fully vegan Warung! Warung is the term for a local restaurant)
  • Varuna Warung (cheap and tasty but salty)
  • Ithaka Warung
  • Canteen Cafe
  • Betelnut Cafe
  • Warung Bu Mi
  • Crate Cafe (it’s always super packed, only open until 5pm)
  • Eden Cafe
  • Warung Dandelion (tasty Asian food & cute bunnies)
  • Oma Jamu (best Kombucha and cheap fully vegan food)


The Elephant

Being one of the oldest Western-style restaurants in Ubud, the Elephant offers a fantastic view over the ridge walk and excellent food. Literally everything we ordered was incredibly tasty. And we ordered a lot. The staff was very friendly and the seats were very comfortable. We would go back anytime! Our favorites: The pad thai, the sticky rice pudding, the hummus, and the green bowls. They have pretty photogenic tables, too! Wood and marble.

Seeds Of Life

This fully vegan restaurant changes its lunch special every day. I ordered the cauliflower gnocchi with walnut pesto, which was one of the best raw dishes I’ve ever eaten. It’s pretty low carb / high fat though, so you can’t eat a lot of it. What impressed us the most was the huge tonic menu, which features healing “cocktails” made from kombucha, spices, tea and other magical ingredients. My black tea kombucha definitely lifted my mood! They also have different raw vegan cakes every day. I loved the carrot cake but apparently, the chocolate tart is even better.


If I had to rank all restaurants we visited in Bali, Sage would be somewhere at the top. My bowl was PERFECT! It featured brown rice, raw veggies, tofu, tempeh “bacon”, and a creamy garlic dressing. I also had crispy broccoli wings (yep, you read correctly) and a jackfruit wrap. Alexa had a plantain sandwich, which looked pretty epic too.

Sayuri Healing Food

At Sayuri, you can sit on the floor, which is really good for your back! Their large menu features a variety of raw vegan dishes and they have a special bowl every day. To be honest, smoothie bowls don’t seem to be their strength. We did love all the savory dishes though! And the chocolate bliss balls were too good to be true!

Sayuri Healing Food Ubud



More Ubud recommendations:

  • Clear Cafe
  • Mudra Cafe
  • Atman Nourish cafe
  • Bali Buda
  • Acai Queen (acai bowls to eat in and take away)
  • Alchemy (supposedly the best raw vegan restaurant)
  • Moksa (world-class vegan food for exploding your taste buds)



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    Yum! Brings me back to all of your stories in Bali! I was reliving all the food! Bali would be my top choice for adventure, beauty, freedom and clean eating!

    • April 7, 2018 / 8:05 pm

      Happy you liked it, Tammie! I miss the food there so much. Hope one day you can visit! x

  2. April 30, 2018 / 10:53 am

    Great Restaurants..
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