March Favourites (Bali Edition)

This month’s favorites are all about Bali! I left Germany on 22 February and stayed in Bali until 26 March which was more than a whole month. Therefore, some categories will feature tips for those of you interested in traveling to the “Island Of Gods”. I definitely fell in love with Bali and can totally forecast returning for a longer stay. 1 month is just not enough!


Let’s continue the monthly series with my March favourites:



In Bali, I fell in love with yoga again. If you practice yoga conscientiously, you gain incredible muscles and control over your body. However, I find it difficult to stick to a routine when the workout takes place at home. It’s so easy to procrastinate a home yoga workout! Therefore I love going to the gym in Germany. I plan my day around my gym workout because it involves leaving the house. Yoga, however, could technically be practiced anytime at home. That’s an advantage and disadvantage at the same time – you can move it to a later time of the day almost indefinitely. When you go to yoga class, you plan your day around that. In Bali, we did yoga daily when we stayed at places that offered free yoga classes. Check out the full Bali accommodation guide to read about my personal experience and how we arranged collaborations with many resorts.


Instagram account

This month’s Instagram crush is Elise Cook. I love her pastel hippie vibes and gorgeous travel pictures. She makes me want to fly to Australia and rent a bully to do a road trip through the entire country. Who’s joining me??


Food product

Okay, this one has to be a shoutout to East Bali Cashews, a Balinese snack manufacturer. If you visit Bali, bring a huge semi-empty suitcase (like I did) and fill it up with snacks before you leave. You can find them in regular large supermarkets everywhere on the island. Here are some of my favorite Balinese snacks:

  • Chocolate cashew popcorn (East Bali Cashews)
  • Granola
  • Crunchy peas & beans
  • Pandan biscuits (some are vegan)
  • Oat bars

And they’re all vegan using coconut milk instead of dairy and sometimes even just maple syrup as a sweetener!


Travel destination

My travel partner Alexa asked me what my favourite moments in Bali were. My answer was:



If you don’t know my travel partner & soul sister Alexa yet, make sure to head over to her beautiful blog: Alexa’s Earth. She writes about different health-related topics and shares recipes & travel tips.



Armen Miran & Hraach – Aldebaran. This song gives me the (good kind of) chills. Recently, I’ve been totally addicted to these oriental vibes in electronic music.


April plans

Back in Germany, my mind is filled with ideas and visions. I always have multiple projects I work on simultaneously. This month:

  • Create my own Lightroom preset pack
  • Share more Instagram tips & working on that workshop (a biiiig project)
  • Visit my sister in Frankfurt & explore the city (she recently moved there for an internship)
  • Edit my Bali vlogs
  • Bali food guide blog post
  • Blog design rework
  • Offer personal Instagram coaching sessions via my website (so far I’ve done some Skype sessions on request)

Let’s see how much I get done this month! I also study full time (I’m doing my master’s degree in multimedia management) and I have to “earn my breadrolls” – that’s a German idiom which means to earn your money 😀  – but I loveee to be able to spend so much time on things that I love. It’s gonna be a great month! Also, summer is around the corner…



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