Life Update + February Favourites 2018

It’s time to continue the series! As you guys liked the January favourites so much, I decided to make this a regular thing and include a little life update in this one as well.


Many people ask me what my job is, so please check out the Q&A I wrote about my activities as a blogger and Instagrammer in this post. They haven’t changed much since I wrote that post so those activities are still what I do for a living.


Usually, I just tell everyone I am doing my master’s degree in multimedia management which is enough of an answer. If you tell someone you are a student, they won’t bother asking you more questions about how you earn your money. In Germany, most students are supported financially either by their parents or by a payout system you can apply for. Ironically, I spend only 10-20% of my time in university or studying. I devote more than 50% of my time to cooking, blogging, photography, emails, and social media. Even when I sit in class I usually spend at least half of the lecture writing emails and editing pictures. Luckily I am intelligent enough to know how to get good grades with minimum effort. So far I have passed all my subjects pretty well with studying no longer than 2 days!


Right now I am in Bali enjoying the tropical life here. More insights will be shared in a Bali post soon!


Since January 2018 I have increased my weekly workouts to 3-4 times. Sometimes I even workout 5-6 times a week. Before 2016, I didn’t do any sports at all except for some yoga once a week. For me long walks or hikes also count as a workout. As physical activity has started to play such a major role in my life, I’ll start with my favourite workouts this month.




Every day at the gym is different. Sometimes I feel like Popeye after eating a can of spinach and on other days I get exhausted after a couple of reps. A workout that never lets me down is HIIT. My favourite HIIT is 45-60 second sprints on the treadmill alternated with moderate walking at 5-6 km/h until my breath and heartbeat return to normal. I do about 20 minutes and it feels so empowering! I do HIIT workouts about once per week.


Instagram Account

As a lover of bowls, my favourite account of the month has got to be Laurel Sandilia, who makes the most stunning breakfast bowls with strawberries and other vibrant fruits. Her pictures literally make you feel healthier just by looking at all the fruit. She’s also such a sweet and loveable person.


Food product

Definitely all Rawnice powders. Have you seen my black nicecream recipe? Natural food colourings are so fun!

Don’t forget: You can save 15% off everything with the code ‘Laurafruitfairy15’ 🙂




This one goes to my lovely moon sister Kris and her unique blog design which I absolutely adore! She just launched her soul guidance project where she offers individual coachings for different topics! Make sure to head over if that’s something you’d be interested in.




Habibi by Tamino. Such a rare find.



Travel Destination

Last week I travelled to Istanbul for 5 days. It was not enough to explore all areas so I will definitely visit this beautiful city again. I summarized my experiences in this blog post.




Dan Milman – Peaceful Warrior / Der Pfad des friedvollen Kriegers

This is the kind of book you could read in one sitting because you badly want to know what happens next.



That’s it for this month! I’m already excited for March!! – Are there any categories you would like me to include in the next monthly favourites post? Let me know in the comments.





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