Istanbul Moments | February 2018

Istanbul Moments | February 2018

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Istanbul moments.

Hospitality. Mosques. Spices. Sun. Sea. Street cats and street dogs. Men carrying tea in glasses on trays. Dried chillis. Baklava. Turkish coffee. Traditional music. Veiled women. Pistachios. Pomegranates. Annoying salesclerks. Grape spirits. Oriental carpets. Different currency. Antiques. Walking uphill. Cobbles.


Smells. City noises. Bridges. Water. Cafes. Student quarter. Syrian refugees. Beggars. Yellow taxis. Small streets. Loud honking. Tourists. Expensive hotels. Souvenir shops. 1000 years old buildings. Demolished buildings. Renovations. People on shopping sprees. Relaxed atmosphere. Mediterranean flair. Palm trees. Beautiful views.




In this post, I wanted to convey visual impressions and other sensory perceptions. It is a small summary of everything that came to my mind spontaneously when thinking about the streets of Istanbul. What kind of associations do you have with Istanbul or Turkey?


I spent 4.5 days in this magical city. Most of the time I was in the hotel shooting photos and videos for a project so I will definitely come back to do some sightseeing. I will inform you guys about the project on my Instagram after the official press release. What I miss most is the relaxed friendly attitude of Turkish people. They are such a hospitable people! I love the tea & coffee culture, the oriental carpets, and the sunny weather… Not to mention the sea!


Feel free to drop a comment under this post telling me your favourite spots in Istanbul or Turkey.

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