List Of Blogger Discount Codes (Food, Fashion, Cosmetics & More)

List Of Blogger Discount Codes (Food, Fashion, Cosmetics & More)

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Hey guys! As the title says, this blog post lists all discount codes I have received from companies so far to help you guys save some money on your orders.

Some of them are German online shops – they are marked with ‘DE’ – the others are international.

I hope you find this list of discount codes useful! I update this list regularly whenever I receive a new code to make sure all the codes on this list are still active. For more tips, check out my article about products in buy in bulk.

Please let me know if any of these codes don’t work anymore. In that case, I will contact the company and ask for an extension. Enjoy browsing through the shops! 🙂

Last updated: 29.12.2019





KoRo Drogerie (DE)

Save 5% with ‘FRUITFAIRY’

Your Superfoods

Save 15% with ‘LAURA15’

Life of Cha

Save 10% with ‘laurafruitfairy10%’

Miu Matcha

Save 15% with ‘LAURAFRUITFAIRY15’

Wunder Company (DE)

Save 10% with ‘Fruitfairy10’ and 50% with ‘Fruitfairy50’ on the box.

Coconut Bowls Cookbook: Vegan Bowls for Vegan Souls

Save 10% with ‘laurafruitfairy’

Rawnice (natural food colouring)

15% off everything with ‘Laurafruitfairy15’

Govinda (DE)

Save 10% with ‘laurafruitfairy10’

Palmyra Delights (Import dates)

5€ discount code: PalmyraLove

Unicorn Superfoods (natural food colouring)

15% code: FRUITFAIRY15

Jurassic Fruit (Germany, Austria, Denmark, Holland)

10% code: laurafruitfairy

Nu Company (the best chocolate bars)




Muskanadent (Zahnpflege / DE)

15% code: LauraM18

InnoNature (Supplements)

10% code: Fruitfairy10




Urban Sports

DELAURAFRUIT20 – Neumitglieder bekommen hier 30% Discount auf den ersten Monat M & L Mitgliedschaft.


Fashion & More

Recolution (100% fair fashion / 100% Vegan / 100% organic cotton)

15€ voucher for orders above 50€: ‘fruitfairy’ – one per customer!

Purelei (Jewelry)

use this link for 15€ off your first order above 60€.

Stilnest (Jewelry)

10% code: Laura10 (Eco Towels)

30% code: COSYBYLAURA30

Happy Strappy (Phone Accessories)

10% code: happylaura10


*this post includes affiliate codes/links – I get a tiny provision from sales but the price remains the same for you.




    • January 5, 2018 / 2:39 pm

      Sorry, I don’t know these pages! But I’m sure using codes from private blogs (like mine) is safer than websites! Please never give away valuable information like your email or birth date for getting some coupons. We have lots of free codes in the community! x

  1. January 28, 2019 / 9:25 am

    Very Nice Blog with the most useful information . Thanks for sharing 🙂

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