Products I Buy In Bulk

Products I Buy In Bulk

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But veganism is so expensive! Have you ever heard this argument or are you even thinking this exact thing yourself? Well, the trick is: Buying in bulk. Quinoa, buckwheat, coconut sugar, chia seeds and all the other superfoods are (in my opinion) very overpriced in health food stores and come in packages that wouldn’t even last me a week.

In this blog post, I’m going to tell you exactly where I buy what. – The links listed below will directly bring you to the cheapest offer I found online. Let’s begin!


I love buckwheat so much I use it for everything. Buckwheat flour is my go-to flour when I make cakes muffins, waffles or pancakes and buckwheat flakes are great for porridge. Unlike whole buckwheat groats, buckwheat flakes only require 5-10 minutes cooking – similar to oatmeal or other kinds of porridge grains.

Organic buckwheat

2 kg Buckwheat flakes

KoRo Drogerie – save 5% with ‘FRUITFAIRY’

2 kg Buckwheat flour

I order this so often. It’s my staple food. And you get 2kg for only 8€!

 Other products

These are some other random things I buy on Amazon regularly to save a lot of money. I’m one of those people who orders EVERYTHING on Amazon, simply because I like saving money. It gives me the feeling of abundance and always being able to afford everything I want. Bulk purchases ftw! 😀

1 kg Organic chia seeds

 2 kg Coconut sugar

1kg Cacao nibs

Nutritional yeast


I really hope this helped! 🙂

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