My Favourite Book

My Favourite Book

Hi guys,

Today I want to recommend a book to you. I’ve actually read several books about nutrition and health but this particular book was clearly the best I’ve ever read. I’ve been obsessing about it so much lately that my mum claimed this book was my bible and Michael Greger’s words were becoming my guidelines to live by.

Well, let’s say this book truly inspired me a lot. I love the recommendations given in this book because they are based on hundreds, perhaps even thousands of real studies from the last few decades.

I don’t think Michael Greger is a prophet or anything alike 😀  I think he’s just a very clever man with a big heart on his mission to educate the world about vital information doctors never get taught during their medicine studies.


*Drum rolls*


So here it is …

THIS is the book:

How Not To Die by Michael Greger

Now let me give you 10 reasons why you should read this book:

  1. It’s very well structured, which makes it easy to look up specific keywords. It has a very useful glossary in the end.
  2. It’s funny. Michael Greger is a doctor with a good sense of humour, which comes very handy in a topic that is otherwise a little dry for the conventional reader.
  3. The last fourth of the book is a summary of sources. This book is based on thousands of recent studies. It can’t get any more backed up than this.
  4. It offers a clear guide on what to eat to maintain optimal health up to a high age. In the second part of his book, Michael Greger presents his “Daily Dozen”, which is sort of a checklist containing exact servings of each recommended food group.
  5. You learn how to avoid dying from the 12 top death causes in the Western world. Pretty rad, don’t you think?
  6. It’s very exciting and shocking. I didn’t even know an informational book could get THAT exciting.
  7. It’s addicting.
  8. It’s EXTREMELY informational. I had to take a break after each chapter to process all the information I just absorbed. The time you spend reading this book really pay off!
  9. Michael Greger is a very impressive person. His personal background is just as inspirational as his aspiration to help as many people as possible. He doesn’t even earn money with this book!
  10. It’s the most objective book I have ever read. You know how many authors make claims without quoting any sources and write in an extremely informal manner? Those books just don’t seem very credible to me. How Not To Die is a summary of studies presented in a humorous, compelling and easily legible way. This book has a HUGE potential to change your life while entertaining you at the same time! No other book has achieved this for me. And I’ve read quite a few books about nutritional topics…


To sum it up, it’s simply the best book I have ever read because it changed my life like no other book. The information given in How Not To Die is so valuable that I believe every human being on this planet should know this stuff. It’s literally a survival guide for our modern world. I didn’t even know dairy and meat were THAT toxic. Whether you want to use this information to argue with meat eaters, help a sick family member or simply to optimize your own diet, as I said, I believe EVERYBODY should know about this stuff.

Let me know in the comments whether you have already read this book or are going to read it soon. And tell me what you think! Has this book also changed your life?


Much love.



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