My Future Plans (2016 Edition)

Stuff is becoming really serious. I’m in my last semester and I will have graduated in 3 months. 3 months! My heart just beat a little faster when I realized that.

I decided to write a blog entry about my future plans to become a little clearer about what I want to do and what my goals are. What better way to do this than to share my plans with like-minded people who support me and give me valuable advice? 🙂

Whether you’re reading this to help me out or you’re just curious about a random person’s destiny (I always wonder what kind of people find my blog coincidentally :D), read on! I’m gonna share my life with you, hoping to inspire and receive inspiration in return.

What’s my destiny?

I believe that everybody has come to this planet with a mission. We are not here, in this body, in this city, in this family by accident. There is something valuable each and every one of us is destined to contribute to this world. The easiest way to find out what it is, is to do what you love, as often as you can. I’m not talking about playing video games or watching TV all day! I know the concept of ‘doing what you love’ can easily be misunderstood.

I’m talking about that thing you do that helps other people, makes them happier or improves their lives in some kind of way. That feeling of having helped someone is much more divine than individual achievement. Of course self-growth, own work-life-balance and maintaining physical and mental health are very important and should always be at the top of your list of aims. But those factors alone will not lead to a happy, fulfilled life! The best feeling is indeed the feeling of being important. The feeling of contributing to positive change in this world.

Now the best thing about it is that you don’t have to give up individual goals or happiness to achieve this, the contrary is true! If you follow your heart, practice gratitude and mindfulness, strengthen your self-love and work towards your goals, you’ll come closer to the path you are truly destined to walk on.

That’s what I’ve been doing! (I think)

How I found my passion

5 years ago I made the decision to study International Business. I wanted to learn economics, improve my English skills and travel abroad. I didn’t know why or what I was going to work afterwards but I knew it was the right decision. Unfortunately, not all of my applications were successful , so I had to study Insurance Business in a dual educational system first, just to discover how dreadfully uninteresting Insurance Business was. The good thing about dual educational systems is that you get the chance to work in a company during your studies and earn a regular trainee salary (even while you are visiting courses or writing exams). I saved all that money to fulfill my dream of going to London. I didn’t hesitate but ex-matriculate immediately after the first semester and booked my flight to London Mid March 2013 (Exactly 2 weeks after my last working day at the insurance company).

Since I was very young (I turned 19 that summer), I was able to adopt the local accent and improve my spoken English. (If you’ve seen my Youtube videos, you might have been wondering why I have such a weird mixed up accent :P) I literally had the time of my life in London. I worked as a bartender and fell in love with the nightlife there. But I also learned that I did not want to do physically demanding work for the rest of my life. I still wanted to study Business!!

I applied for International Business Management at only 3 schools in South Germany and luckily got accepted by one of them – my favourite right from the beginning! YES! 🙂

My courses were 100% held in English and I was obliged to spend 2 semesters abroad. I spent the WS15/16 in Suzhou, China, and the SS16 in Belgrade, Serbia. It was only after my study semester abroad in China that I realized my hobby (health advocating, creating recipes, healthy food and lifestyle, social media) was not just a hobby. It hit me like lightning when a good friend of mine started an Online Business School where he learned to transform his passion into a profession. That’s it! I thought. I created my own website finally, I started uploading YouTube videos and returned to daily Instagramming. In addition to that I created a Facebook fanpage, a Twitter account, Tumblr and everything else. It felt so right! I knew this was one of the first steps towards my destiny.

And now?

So far so good. But now it’s only 3 months until my graduation. What am I going to do afterwards? Full-time blogging? Youtubing? Send applications to companies in the region for a full-time job? Apply for a master? Study something else? Travel? Uff! So many options!

What do I really desire to do? I want to become a professional health consultant. That’s my number 1 goal.

But I also want to travel and write. I love writing. I love blogging. I would blog every day if I had the time to do so. I WILL blog every day when I have the time to do so 🙂

But there comes a problem… This world works with money. No money -> no traveling and no education. So there has to be a constant income while I work on my dream of becoming a nutritionist and world traveler…

Full time work?… Hell no. At least not at a random big company.

I guess I’ll just do what I always do: Wait patiently, grab chances, recognize signs from the universe and take action when my inner voice tells me to.

It’s just such a weird feeling not to have a clue about what I’ll be doing in 3 months, where I’ll be and how my future will look like. But isn’t it always like that? And isn’t that the exciting part about the whole journey? To be able to shape your future and decide how the movie continues?

If you can relate or wish to say something, do not hesitate to leave a comment!

2017 LIFE UPDATE: Click here!

Much love.


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