Gallery: Autumn In Germany (And A Few Words About Gratitude)

Gallery: Autumn In Germany (And A Few Words About Gratitude)

I poured my heart into this blog entry… 

2 years ago I had an awakening. A massive large-scale holistic awakening. A spiritual awakening is defined as a shift in consciousness, an apperception of reality which had been previously unrealized. The culmination of such realizations is in the recognition of oneness with all of existence. (Definition by Urban Dictionary) I love this description!

My awakening involved a perception shift in so many areas of my life… I changed my entire world view. I used to believe that I exist as a separate entity next to everything else. Now I feel that I am everything around me and everything around me is also inside me.

For most of my life I thought everybody was just fighting their way up a certain career ladder with the ultimate goal of accumulating as many financial and tangible resources as possible to ensure the next generation’s survival and improved life quality. I used to think that life was a fight, a struggle. Now I know that life is a gift and we’re all so incredibly blessed with these phenomenal chances we are given to express ourselves and learn from each other.

But the most valuable lesson I learned, is the lesson of gratitude. Gratitude shifts your frequency to a higher level – and this higher frequency attracts more positive things into your life. More amazing people, amazing opportunities, wealth and miracles.

Gratitude has taught me to view the world as a spectacular, elusively realistic video game. So incredibly realistic that it never gets boring. What will the weather be like tomorrow? Will the golden October trees sparkle in the sunshine or will the cold winter wind make my body shiver and my cheeks turn beautifully red?

Last year I was in China during autumn. My mind was open and gratitude was my prevailing attitude but there was no autumn magic. No colourful tree-lined roads or rainbow forests. There was smog, evergreen thick-leaved tropical plants, palm trees and conifers. I did not know what to expect from Chinese seasons, plus I was enjoying the fabulous warm weather so much that I barely even noticed how October passed without the sweet visual changes I am used to.

Anyways, I am glad that I missed last year’s autumn in Germany because now I am able to enjoy this autumn more than any other autumn ever before. My consciousness has shifted, my vision has cleared and gratitude has opened my heart. Autumn is beautiful. And so is life.

Accompanied by this wonderful mindset and positive thoughts of gratitude, I took a walk to the beautiful orchard near my house today to capture some magic.

Enjoy these stunning impressions of this unique day, one in infinity.


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