Period Tracker App “Clue” – My Experience

Period Tracker App “Clue” – My Experience

I’ve always been one of those girls who never ever wrote down when her period started, so I’d always be surprised by it every 4 weeks. ?

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I never got the chance to prepare myself for the upcoming menstrual cycle because I got used to not tracking it right from the beginning of my “adolescence”. For me being surprised was a normal thing.

Until enlightenment hit me somehow. Menstrual cycle apps! In a world of global digitalisation, there must be such a thing! So I checked my App Store and came across Clue…


Since I have downloaded Clue I have tracked every period and I still love it. In the beginning, I forgot to track it occasionally but luckily remembered to do so a couple of days later. The good thing about this app is that you can enter up data and the app will recalculate your cycle for you.

By the way, I’m not getting sponsored for showing you this app. I’m doing this because this app has helped me a lot and I want to share my joy with you! 😉

You can view the progress of the current cycle (picture 1), add date for a certain day (pictures 2 and 3) and check data of previous periods to compare.


There are tons of reminders you can notify yourself with according to your needs. I only use the first one but I’m sure you will find some of the others pretty useful as well.


The most useful function in my view is the calendar function where the app prognoses when exactly your next period will be and how many days it will last. If you wish, you can set a reminder so you know when to bring your menstrual cup or tampons with you to work/school/wherever 😉


Thanks to this app I know how long my cycles are on average, how much they fluctuate and track exactly when there were delays… Very, very handy!

If you are one of those girls who always forget to track their period, I can highly recommend this app to you! It has a very user-friendly surface, it’s easy to use and it is also very fun to use in my opinion.

You can download it here for Apple devices and here for Android/Google devices.

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