“But Our Ancestors Ate Meat”

“But Our Ancestors Ate Meat”

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Hi guys,

I am sure you are familiar with this rather common argument meat eaters use to defend the unhealthy, unethical act of consuming dead animal flesh. I’m going to debunk this argument by telling you my views on the fact that our ancestors have been consuming meat for a long time indeed.

The enlightenment

Do you ever have that, that you are in a conversation with someone, and suddenly, while talking about it, many things become clear to you? Things that you either never really thought about or never fully understood yourself?

I experience this every now and then. Especially, since I have turned vegan, it’s been like an enlightenment. My parents taught me things that aren’t true because they didn’t know better themselves. Because their parents taught them things their parents taught them. If you get me.

Recently I had a conversation with a friend where he brought up the argument that humans have been eating meat for a very long time. Yeah, that’s true. That made me think – and come to the answer right away – scarcity.

Hunters and gatherers

Everybody knows that our early ancestors were hunters and gatherers, but people don’t ask themselves WHY. Why did they have to hunt in the first place? Why didn’t they eat their NATURAL, god-given diet, a fully plant-based diet? As I said – scarcity.

Think about Adam and Eve… Whether you are religious or not. I think this “story” is a perfect example of how humans are supposed to live: In a beautiful, ABUNDANT garden filled with the most delicious fruits and vegetables. No scarcity, no need to kill other sentient beings.

But humans were banished from Garden Eden. They had to fight their way to food on Planet Earth. See this story as a metaphor for the beginning of an era of scarcity. Perhaps this story is just a metaphor for an ending era of abundance, which prevailed on this planet before. Who knows.

In my opinion, people would not have hunted animals, if they had a sufficient amount of calories available on demand. But that was not the case. In order to get in the calories in and survive under these harsh conditions, they had to start hunting animals. Even though the meat would clog their arteries and make them slower (which they obviously didn’t know back then). Most of their calories would probably still come from plants, but the meat was essential for survival.

When people started building cities and learned how to grow food, they had more, but still not enough. Every generation had to feed more mouths because they were reproducing in larger numbers. So they had to continue killing animals for food. This scarcity lasted up to a point in recent history…

The Modern Western World


WE are the first generation who has MORE food available than we can eat, as a society. The first cases of SEVERE OBESITY appeared last century. Killing animals is not necessary anymore. FINALLY, we can live off eating the food we are biologically designed to eat for optimum health: A fully plant-based diet. YAY. We don’t need to exploit animals anymore to survive as a species. We can create more health and peace by returning to our roots. The future will be beautiful because it will be vegan.

A plant-based diet is the only diet that can feed 8 billion people on this planet. Veganism can end world hunger. And veganism can end all unnecessary cruelty on this planet.

Now it’s time for us to WAKE UP people.

Dear people, ALL animal products are unethically produced and make you sick at the same time. ALL animal products clog your arteries and are responsible for most of the chronical diseases on this planet. You don’t NEED animal products to survive. You CAN get all the nutrition you need from plants.

A vegan diet is the healthiest, most sustainable, most ethical and most peaceful diet in the world.

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I love you guys


– Laura.


  1. Kera Gunther
    October 11, 2017 / 11:24 pm

    This is great. I’m new to your Instagram & blog, but I love what your doing. I have been going back to my vegetarian roots and making the changes to become more vegan. Your blog posts are very helpful thankyou.

    • October 12, 2017 / 7:27 pm

      Thank you for sharing & for your positive feedback. I’m so happy my posts are helpful to you!

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