I had the honor to try 3 varieties of vegan Frozen Yogurt: chocolate , blueberry and raspberry. I have never seen vegan Froyo before, so these products immediately caught my attention made me wonder – does the taste compete with “real” Froyo ?

First I noticed the particularly creamy consistency, which is a typical feature of Frozen Yogurt – incredibly delicious! Regarding the taste Blueberry stood out especially because it does not only have a beautiful purple color but its taste is also very intense. Everyone knows, you eat with yours eyes first! Although both blueberry and raspberry contain 22% fruit, raspberry has a slightly less intense flavor. For me personally the two fruity varieties are a tad too sweet. Moreover, I would prefer if instead of sugar a healthy sweetener such as coconut sugar would have been used. Maybe the recipe will be optimized in the future …? Anyways, chocolate is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. The taste is intense, it melts in the mouth and makes you addicted immediately. My sister chose chocolate as her favorite as well. Only my mum and my neighbour liked Blueberry the best. I think it’s always interesting to hear other people’s opinions too 🙂

My consumption recommendation: Enjoy all 3 varieties at once! Especially Raspberry paired with Chocolate (+ cacao nibs!!) creates an absolute flavour explosion in your mouth!

Very recommended: Cacao nibs on top.

Here you can have a look at the ingredient lists (they’re in German but I think you get the point…):


But that was not all. The Froyo is not only 100 % vegan, organic and incredibly delicious, but also supports a welfare program against world hunger. For each item purchased 11 cents will be donated, which allows children in Mali to have a warm school lunch. Isn’t thins absolutely amazing?!

My conclusion: THUMBS UP for Lycka and a huge thank you for ingenious products with which vegans can sometimes be spoiled ! 🙂   If you are interested in these products, be sure to stop by at the official Lycka page:

Instagram: @lyckamovement
– Laura.

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