6 Ways To Pimp Up Your Smoothie (Without Changing The Taste)

When you have decided to make a smoothie for breakfast, lunch or even dinner, you have already made the choice to treat your body with a nutrient boost. So you might as well pimp it up with some superfoods.

This is a list of plants you can add to your smoothie without changing the taste! More nutrients, same deliciousness. Win-win, right? 🙂

#1 Celery leaves



If you have ever tried celery, you have probably discovered that it has quite a strong distinctive taste that will dominate your green smoothie when you add the stalks. Not the leaves though! After experimenting with celery leaves, I found out that adding a few of them will not change the taste of my smoothies at all. And in addition to that, the celery leaves are more nutrient-dense than the stalks.

Add celery leaves for:

+ calcium

+ potassium

+ vitamin C

#2 Ginger

Just like any other food, ginger is best consumed raw for maximum nutrition. However, ginger is very spicy and therefore not suitable for “munching” it raw. A good way of getting all those miraculous health benefits from ginger is by adding them to your smoothies. I found out that adding a 1/2cm slice of ginger gets lost in the shuffle leaving you with a more nutritious and just as delicious smoothie.

Add ginger for:

+ strengthening your immune system

+ detoxification

+ boosting your metabolism

#3 Chard

I love chard. It has the colours of the rainbow, doesn’t have a strong taste when added raw to smoothies and tastes unbelievably delicious in stir fries. Nothing else needs to be said here.

Add chard for:

+ vitamin A

+ vitamin C

+ vitamin K

+ magnesium

#4 Green powders

 There is a big variety of smoothie powders that you can add to your smoothies for additional nutrition. There are a few powders on the market that I don’t consider necessary buying in powder form at all, namely beetroot powder, blueberry powder and other vegetables and fruit that you can buy in their whole form almost anywhere for a cheap price. Nevertheless, there are some super-greens that require a lot of time and effort to grow or simply cannot be purchased in their raw form. These are:

  1. Spirulina (algae)
  2. Chlorella (algae)
  3. Wheatgrass
  4. Barleygrass

Add these powders for:

+ iron

+ chlorophyll

+ vitamin B2

#6 Fresh mint

Mint is super delicious so I don’t mind tasting it in my smoothies. However, if you only add one tip of a branch, you will not be able to taste it at all, but it will add the following nutrients:

+ iron

+ omega 3

+ vitamin A

I hope you liked this article and find these tips useful. If you have any other ideas what you could add to smoothies for extra nutrition, write it down in the comments, or visit me on my FB page:


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