How Veganism Changed My Life

How Veganism Changed My Life

Hello there! One of THE most frequently asked questions is why I turned vegan in summer 2015. So I am going to tell my unique story!

*** Preconditions ***

In fact, I would say Instagrammers made me go vegan. I have always been very passionate about cooking and handling food so the fundamentals for a healthy lifestyle have always been present. I loved Instagram for the fact that I could share my passion with other like-minded people who showed interest in my creations and my personal journey. The positive feedback was the fuel for my development. I learned to appreciate the beauty of each single fruit and vegetable and their versatile usages.


*** Instagram Challenge ***

 A Dutch girl on Instagram started a “meat-free & dairy-free July”-challenge I decided to participate in to experience something new. I ate fish and eggs about twice that month, but I decided to go fully vegan after I successfully mastered this wonderful challenge because I started identifying with the principle of boycotting the foods that harm my body and the environment. It gave me a totally new feeling of contentment and achievement. The support and inspiration from the Instagram community remained the largest motivator there.

*** High Carb Low Fat ***

Come on, everybody has their tiny body weight problems every now and then. Even though I was quite happy with my body image back then, I wanted to try that myth-enshrouded lifestyle that most vegans on Instagram claim to be the best rule of eating. A rule which is easy to follow and at the same time allows you to EAT AS MUCH AS YOU WANT without gaining weight at all. “How is that possible?”, was my thought. – The answer seemed so logical: Avoid fats, eat unlimited carbs. Carbs are energy, fat is a complex matter that is stored for “hard times”.

And the best thing about it: AS MUCH ICE CREAM AS I WANT. I went crazy about this. I literally had banana ice cream every day. Chocolate, carob-pear, cherry-chocolate, raspberry, vanilla, spiced pumpkin and coconut were just a few of my favourite sorts. Well well, times have changed…

But most importantly: It worked for me! I never gained any weight on High Carb Low Fat! I felt awesome all the time and I noticed how lazy and tired the fats actually made me feel all my life! So, once I was “enlightened” there it became clear to me: Going vegan is a one-way ticket!

*** My Diet Today ***

After experimenting with Banana Island, raw food and being forced to eat more fats during my 4-month stay in China, I decided that I would stick to my High Carb Low Fat diet but without the strictness. This means I do use oil but I try to only use coconut oil for frying and baking, and cold-pressed oils such as linseed oil or hemp oil for raw dishes. Every now and then I eat a meal that is very high in fat but THAT’S OKAY because the fundamentals matter! I believe that everybody has to find a balance for themselves. Be strict with unhealthy food for your own good, but don’t ever be harsh on yourself. It is a journey everybody has to experience and “going vegan” clearly isn’t something that happens all of a sudden. Every day we learn new things about how our bodies work and at the end of the day we have always made progress in some kind of way. And that is the beautiful thing! Aspiring a healthy vegan lifestyle a very exciting and emotional journey that brings a lot of fun and light into everybody’s lives. I have found my passion and life task in nutrition and cooking and love helping everyone with their personal journey!

!! And remember: !!

A healthy lifestyle requires discipline, but don’t ever be hard on yourself!

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