10 Days Norway With A Rental Camper

Renting a camper is the perfect way to travel flexibly without having to buy and maintain your own. That’s why we rented a T6 California Ocean from Roadsurfer in the middle of August and traveled to Norway for 10 days. In this blog post, I’ll tell you my experience with a rented vehicle, how to find the most beautiful places…


Gluten-Free Donuts With Teff And Buckwheat Flour

This is my favorite donut recipe! I love the texture and taste of these, especially with a cinnamon-sugar coating. The ingredients are so healthy that I sometimes eat these gluten-free donuts as a breakfast. They won’t weigh you down or clog your stomach like regular donuts while still teleporting your taste buds to heaven! The donuts are: gluten-free but still…


My Resolutions For 2020 (Career & Health)

Today at my yoga class, the teacher said that resolutions are more likely to turn into reality if you write them down. This made me think. The first couple of days after New Year’s Eve so much happened, and I did not have the time to reflect yet. That’s why this blogpost went online with some delay. And who knows…


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