Tricolore Quinoa-Chickpea Salad

The key to creating a delicious recipe is simply combining all the good stuff. This chickpea-quinoa salad contains everything I love: quinoa, chickpeas, hulled hemp seeds, some sweetness (raisins), some sourness (lemon), spiciness (harissa, parsley), creaminess (avocado), juiciness (fresh tomatoes) and saltiness (tamari, dried tomatoes).


This dish is gluten-free, oil-free and refined-sugar free. It’s made from 100% whole foods and it’s suitable for everyone except for those who don’t like spicy food (like my grandma). In case you want to make this dish for an older audience, I recommend halving the amount of harissa you add to the dish.

Products I used

Nu3 sent me quinoa tricolore (which I have never tried before!) and hemp seeds to create this recipe with their products. Thanks for that! I am surprised myself how well they harmonized with the other ingredients. And I love the three-coloured quinoa! It’s so much prettier than regular quinoa.


This dish is very satisfying because it contains a lot of healthy plant protein, healthy fats and fibre which all contribute to making you feel satisfied and satiated.

My choice was not to add onion or garlic to this recipe because it is simply not necessary. I know there are haters and lovers and unfortunately, I don’t belong to the garlic/onion lovers because of the pungent aftertaste and the mild smell it leaves on your fingers until the next day when handling it raw. In my opinion, it’s not necessary to add stinky ingredients when you can create a dish that is just as healthy and tasty without it.

And believe me, you won’t miss a single thing in this recipe.

(Feel free to add garlic anyway! I’m sure it’s great if you like it :D)

Let’s have fun!

A couple of words more before you dig into it: I used 1/2 avocado because I did not have more at home but I would recommend using a whole one. Same goes for the parsley. Add a whole bunch as it does not only enhance flavour but also antioxidant content and nutrition of this dish.

Of course and as always I encourage you to play around a little bit for yourself instead of strictly following this recipe.

Take me as an example, I created this dish completely on my own from scratch. I have never read a quinoa salad recipe by someone else before. I follow my intention instead of following my intellect.

Follow your heart.

And don’t forget to upload a picture on Instagram and tag me (@laurafruitfairy) if you remake this recipe!

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