Tofu & Sweet Potato Tandoori Masala

I’m gonna start this post by confessing my deep love for Indian food. The flavours are simply out of this world! The Indian cuisine is definitely one of my favourites out there. Many of the dishes are naturally plant-based and I love that they are centred around spices, which are regarded an essential ingredient, not just a condiment. I love the amazing smells as well as the textures and the interplay of flavours.

The ingredients

Chicken masala is a traditional Indian dish made with chicken meat and yogurt. To create a fully vegan adaptation, I replaced meat with tofu and sweet potato; and used soy yogurt instead of dairy yogurt. All the other ingredients are the same as in original chicken masala recipes I found on the internet. The advantage of using tofu is that it has to be in the oven for only a fraction of the time chicken does.

The flavours

When you read through the ingredient list you will already be drooling at the pure imagination of the final taste. In my opinion, any dish that contains garlic, ginger and chilli is a guaranteed success. G, G & C is some kind of success formula for delicious dishes. I have only made positive experiences with this combination, especially in combination with lime juice and cumin. Oh, how I love cumin. Cumin and I share a fabulous love story. But this is not about cumin or my unconventional preferences. This is about the ultimate formula for a perfect, plant-based tandoori masala.

Smoked rice!

If I may give you one last recommendation before sharing the recipe: USE SMOKED BASMATI RICE. Trust me here. Smoked rice makes the perfect complement to this smoky tandoori dish. Dunno where to find it? Use google. Buy it. Trust me.


 One more tip:

To neutralize the saltiness and spiciness and to add extra creaminess, I love to put some extra soy yogurt on top of my rice. Perfect!


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