Peanut Cinnamon Crepes With Cherry Quark

Yeah, you heard right (I mean read). Peanut and cinnamon flavoured crepes filled with deliciously creamy cherry quark.

The funny thing about this recipe is that it was my first crepe recipe I ever created and until today it’s still the best. Usually, I test recipes multiple times with slight alterations before I upload them to my blog but this one was a straight shot. The combination of creamy cherry curd and warm, chewy peanut-cinnamon crepes is to die for.

Since I started getting into crepes a few weeks ago, I’ve made them several times. Each time I used the same base recipe (buckwheat flour, peanut flour) and played around with the measurements. Just to come back to this recipe in the end. 😀

Well, that’s how things go sometimes!

vegan peanut crepes


The peanut flour I used for this recipe is by Koro. Make sure to check out their online shop and don’t forget to use a discount code!

I tried other brands but this one is clearly the best. Compared to whole peanuts, it’s extremely low in fat (7g) and high in protein: 50g per 100g! It tastes so good I sometimes eat it straight with some soy yogurt.


In this post, I also give you a recipe for homemade soy quark. If you can find soya quark at your local health store, you can use it instead of soy yogurt + psyllium husks. If it’s not sweetened, make sure to add some additional sweetener if you need to.


As always I encourage you to experiment with this recipe to create your new favourite breakfast. Try using blueberries instead of cherries for example… or white chocolate and raspberries…


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    January 1, 2018 / 5:54 pm

    can’t find the recipe :'(

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