Basic Green Smoothie

Congratulations! You made it to this page, which means you are interested in your overall health and THAT IS AWESOME! Now let me introduce you to green smoothies…

If you decide to live a healthier lifestyle at some stage in your life you will come across green smoothies and their amazing health benefits. At first, you will probably imagine them tasting bitter and gross. And you will find it hard to believe that people who drink green smoothies actually enjoy them as much as you enjoy your favourite foods. You will buy a bottled green smoothie in the supermarket to try, and you will probably like it but you will find out that they are not real smoothies but rather juices mixed with small amounts of greens, which means they will not be very filling either. You will not be convinced to ever have them as a full meal. I’ve gone through these stages and it has taken me almost 2 years of experimenting to get into LOVING green smoothies. I have them almost every day now because the taste of the combination of fruit and greens in this smoothie is so epic that I could literally eat it 3 times a day. So I believe that I can help you… 😛

I’M HERE TO TRANSFORM YOU INTO A GREEN SMOOTHIE LOVER!!! How? By providing you with the green smoothie recipe I used to eat for breakfast every morning for almost 4 months. Yes, right, this smoothie represents a full breakfast for me.

Before progressing to the recipe, I’d like to provide you with some additional ideas what to add to your green smoothie.

Additional ingredients I like to add are:

☆ 1 pear

☆ 1/2 avocado

☆ Green powders (spirulina, wheatgrass, barley grass)

☆ Chard

☆ Kale

☆ 1 carrot or a piece of raw sweet potato

☆ Fresh mint

I always add toppings to my smoothie because the taste is all about the toppings in the end 😉

These are some of my favourite toppings that you should definitely try:

☆ Frozen cherries

☆ Banana coins

☆ Fresh or frozen berries

☆ Goji berries (they become crispy when added to something cold!)

☆ Passion fruit

☆ (Sprouted) buckwheat groats

I really love this recipe because it’s so simple and thanks to the frozen spinach it always turns out deliciously creamy. If you’re new to green smoothies, go for a smaller amount of greens in the beginning and work slowly towards a 50:50 ratio of fruit and greens.

If you use an immersion blender, I recommend adding a little bit of water to facilitate blending. You can use fresh spinach too, but believe me, once you’ve tried a FROZEN green smoothie, you’ll never wanna eat it at room temperature again. So I recommend going with frozen spinach for this one.

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