Creamy Pumpkin Oatmeal

Literally pumpkin pie in breakfast form.   This is not your ordinary oatmeal. It’s vegan, healthy and extravagant.   In addition to that, no advanced baking skills are required for this “pumpkin pie in a bowl”.   I promise, it’s just as quick and easy as your ordinary oatmeal (just fancier).   Brightly coloured leaves, chestnuts on the pavement, sunflowers,…
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Creamy Açaí Bowl

I was the happiest person on earth when I discovered frozen açaí in my local health food store. I’ve seen people praise açaí to the skies so I was more than curious to finally try it myself. Luckily the packet came with four 100g sachets so I could remake it the next day… and then again … and again. ?…
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