Why I never use salt

We all love salt. It is a natural flavour enhancer and makes every dish a little bit better. So why the hell would you stop using salt? – is what you are probably asking yourself right now. Why is this girl crucifying herself with tasteless food? And isn’t it essential for our bodies? I will start by answering the last…
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Surviving China As A Vegan

Hi guys! Today I want to reveal the secrets of surviving China as a vegan. From August to December 2015 I spent 4 months living in Suzhou, China. Suzhou is a medium-sized city (11 million people) located near Shanghai in the province of Jiangsu in the east of China.   *** The meat dilemma *** A few of the most…
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How veganism changed my life

Hello there! One of THE most frequently asked questions is why I turned vegan in summer 2015. So I am going to tell my unique story! *** Preconditions *** In fact, I would say Instagrammers made me go vegan. I have always been very passionate about cooking and handling food so the fundamentals for a healthy lifestyle have always been…
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