Berlin Vegan Food Guide 2017

A guide to the top vegan places in Berlin 2017 The first time (and last time) I went to Berlin was when I was 17 years old. I was not vegan and it was a school trip. We were not allowed to walk around freely and we had to be in bed before 12. My second time (this time) I went to Berlin with the plan to visit as many vegan places as possible to be able to give as many recommendations as I can.

30ème rencontre des musulmans de france programme I was in Berlin for 6 days (29 December to 4 January) and I visited about 10 different cafes and restaurants. All of them were either fully vegan or vegan-vegetarian. Additionally, I received many more recommendations from other Instagrammers who have either been to Berlin in the recent past or live in Berlin. Every year 50 restaurants close and about 50 new ones open in Berlin. This means food guides from 2014 or earlier might be so outdated you might miss most of the coolest new spots in the German capital. In this 2017 food guide, I’m going to present my favourite spots in Berlin as well as a list of vegan places I was recommended but couldn’t manage to visit during my trip.

source site Whether you’re a vegan or not, I hope you’ll like this guide and find something to visit on your next Berlin trip.

see By the way, this is no ranking. In my opinion, all places are equally awesome. 🙂

Brammibal’s Donuts

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starstruck rencontre avec une star français As you can guess from the name, this place specialises on doughnuts. And believe me, these guys know how to make tasty ones. I’ve never been a huge fan of them, but these doughnuts were seriously the best I’ve ever tried. i migliori siti per fare trading binari I took these sorts (from top left to bottom right): Roasted Coconut, Peanut Butter Fudge, Hazelnut Caramel, Red Wine & Cacao Nibs.

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site de rencontre gratuit pour 11 ans My personal favourite? Definitely PB Fudge! Chocolate makes everything 200% better. 😛

My sister liked the hazelnut and coconut ones the most. The least special one for us was the red wine doughnut because it didn’t have such a distinct flavour as the others.

They also sell VERY delicious bagels with lots of healthy veggies, homemade hummus, sprouts and other healthy ingredients.

All in all, it’s a very nice café to hang out in the morning or in the afternoon so head over there if you want to try the tastiest doughnuts in Berlin. 🙂



Chaostheorie is a cocktail bar and restaurant with a unique alternative atmosphere. Also, they are very dog-friendly so bring all your puppies! 😀

Their dinner menu changes every day but I’m pretty sure all of their dishes taste amazing. They’re not necessarily healthy but could be defined as vegan foodporn… 😉

I had the BBQ burger, seriously one of the best vegan burgers I’ve tried in my life:

They also sell luscious beverages… And yes, everything is 100% vegan.



The literal translation of this place’s name is ‘oat(meal) tomcat’. Isn’t that cute?

This place is rather small but it has a sweet ‘hipster’ atmosphere.

I bet its many students’ favourite place because of the extremely cheap prices:

I took porridge with dried berries and apple butter. IT WAS FANTASTIC!

If you visit Haferkater, make sure to try the hot chocolate – it’s seriously the best I’ve ever tried. It’s extremely chocolatey and the temperature is perfect. Don’t miss the chance to taste a PERFECT vegan hot chocolate!  ❤️



Valladares is another fully vegan AND cheap place – perfect for hungry tourists. Go there when you’re really hungry and try one of their burritos or special plates (Spezialteller). If you’re not so hungry, try one of their vegan hot dogs – they have three different kinds and they’re all vegan!

I had the turmeric rice & black bean burrito – SO GOOD!

Valladares is a restaurant AND health food store in one! You can eat breakfast/lunch/dinner and also stock up on vegan products if you need anything.

The also sell RIDICULOUSLY delicious looking cakes!


Superfoods Berlin

As the name says, this place sells food made from lots of superfoods.

They have lots of ready-to-go takeaway salads, chia pudding, juices and coconut yoghurt. Literal heaven!

We decided for smoothie bowls – a good choice! These superfood bowls actually look as if they were made for Instagram! All of them were very good (we tried 4 in total): Acai, matcha, mango and chocolate.

Prices are rather expensive but I mean you get what you pay for: High-quality superfoods, beautifully presented and made with love.


Hum Vegan Cuisine

This place is a fully vegan Vietnamese place. SAY WHAAAAT? Sounds like a perfect dream, right? The Vietnamese cuisine is one of my all time favourites. So hard to decide for a dish!

I went for seaweed wrapped mushroom tofu on a bed of steamed veggies – a great choice! The crispy tofu actually reminded me of salmon skin. Weird but incredibly tasty! If you like fish – don’t miss out on this!

The atmosphere could be described as a perfect cozy merge between traditional Vietnamese decoration and modern design.

TIP: Book a table beforehand!



This place sells 100% raw vegan food. The interior design is chic and modern.

Have you ever tried WARM raw food? This is your unique chance to do so 😉

I had the spring rolls with orange sauce and the mushroom burger with pickles and tasty crispy kale chips (the kale chips were the best!). 

If you love golden milk, definitely try this one as well. But make sure to tell them whether you want it sweet or not.

Prices are rather high; so make this restaurant visit a special treat!


More places

Last but not least, here’s a list of awesome places I was recommended but couldn’t manage to visit:

  • Dolores (burritos)
  • Black Sheep Cafe
  • YAAM (vegan club and bar)
  • The Bowl
  • The Juicery
  • Kontor’s Eismanufaktur (waffles and icecream)
  • geh Veg (cafe)
  • Viasko
  • Satyam (Indian food)
  • Shiloh (vegetarian cafe bistro)
  • SOY (Asian food)
  • Chay Viet (Vietnamese vegetarian food)
  • Daluma (juice shop)

Vegan Paradise

binary options trading plus500 BERLIN = VEGAN PARADISE

Go convince yourself… And let me know what places & dishes you tried on Instagram by tagging me @laurafruitfairy ❤️

Have you been to any of theses places? Leave a comment and let me know! 🙂

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