Motivation for self-love and health…

Motivation for self-love and health…

Do you really love yourself?

We live in a world where nobody has to suffer from malnutrition or hunger, yet most people in the western world have nutrient deficiencies because we were never really taught to take care of our health ourselves. In our wealthy, abundant world there is no need for raising and killing animals anymore, we have enough resources to feed ourselves with a huge variety of plant foods. Foods, that nourish us without the side effects of clogging our arteries and poisoning our beautiful bodies. Our supermarket shelters are spilling over. We have finally taken care of our most fundamental needs, so we can focus on self-realization. This is a beautiful privilege of our generation. So, ask yourself: What are doing with your life?


When we open our eyes and our minds and realize that our planet and the universe provide us with everything we need at every moment in our lives, most of our unnecessary physical and mental suffering could be terminated; gratefulness would replace desire and mindfulness would replace greed. We don’t need to exploit animals for milk, eggs or meat. Nature provides us with all the nutrition we need, all the energy and vital health we desire. We don’t need the temporary pleasure of overstimulating designer food to create the feeling that we’re living a fulfilled life. We don’t need packaged junk to escape our suppressed sorrows by experiencing an artificial “high” over and over again. We can feel the REAL HIGH every day, every second while experiencing mental clarity, unbelievable strength, patience and inner peace while indulging in delicious natural foods that satisfy us on a deeper level, deeper than the blind majority of people on this planet is willing to see. Cleansing your body means cleansing your mind and spirit at the same time because it’s all connected- body and spirit are NOT separate entities. The only way to escape the prison of slowly poisoning addictions and habits is by making the natural way of living a permanent choice and ultimate goal in life.

Learn to take care of yourself

Say no to animal products, say no to artificial flavours, say no to processed foods.

Say yes to life, say yes to ultimate mental clarity, say yes to perfect physical health.
Don’t feed the industry, feed your soul. Eat better, not less. Don’t eat when you’re not hungry. Give your body some rest for healing and detoxification. Practice intermittent fasting or regular fasting days. Move your body and make it sweat. Do it because you love yourself.❤️


Self-love will ultimately lead you to a healthy life. Self-love is the key to manifesting your dreams and desires because self-love comes in the company of positive thinking, a strong belief in yourself and increased self-worth, which is VERY valuable when it comes to manifesting a reality you desire.

Be intelligent

I once read that healthy eating is a sign of intelligence – but so is self-love. If you truly love yourself, you allow all the good things to flow into your life. Money, health, awesome people and more. That is why most successful people are not just rich – but also healthy.

Health is the most valuable good you possess because it’s something that can’t be restored, it has to be preserved and protected.

Most people don’t even know what true, optimal health means. And will never find out. Because in order to find out, you have to completely overturn your life. You have to change your eating habits and do your best to repair the damage of years and years of treating your body like a garbage can. You have to suffer through cravings and headaches that come with detoxification. You have to resists thousands of forcefully induced temptations and you have to justify yourself in front of non-believers.

But it’s worth it.

If you have one goal in life, make it becoming the best version of yourself. This includes personality, self-growth and, of course, health. Love yourself enough to live a healthy life.

It will be magical, I promise.

And it will be one of the best decisions of your life.

thank you for reading.

– Laura.

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