The low carb hoax – CARB THE FUCK UP GUYS!

HIGH CARB for weight loss? Many people associate carbs with weight gain nowadays. TOO many people. Why is that?

The answer is simple. The rising popularity of the “Atkins diet” (based on the concept of reducing carbs to lose weight quickly) has led people to believe that all kinds of sugar or carbs contribute to weight gain, whereas eating high amounts of protein automatically leads to weight loss. What a bullshit.

If this was true, why are the majority of “low carb” eaters still overweight compared to the increasing number of “High carb-vegans” who seem to have much healthier average weight?

Why are so many people struggling to accept that their low carb illusion is turning out to be a total hoax, despite the visual evidence? The answer is simple and ironic: Meat and dairy.

It is much easier to just omit that slice of bread than to let go off that delicious juicy steak dripping with saturated fats. It is much easier to believe that dairy will aid with weight loss due to the excess protein it contains than to believe that a pure raw high-sugar fruit meal will kill that belly fat in no time. Excuse me, but, HOW FUCKED UP IS THIS?

Dairy products contain growth hormones because they are designed to help baby cows GROW. And if you keep drinking milk after you have matured, the only thing that will grow in your body is your EXCESS BODY FAT.

Both dairy and meat contain ZERO fiber, an essential component for healthy digestion. Wild animals are able to digest meat optimally, but we as humans, we are not. We are physically designed to chew and digest fruits, vegetables and nuts.


And further to that, a high protein diet can severely increase the risk of some of the most fatal diseases such as cancer and heart attack.

Yes, a low carb diet might be more convenient and comfortable for all those meat-lovers and cheese-addicts. But you know, sometimes you HAVE TO LEAVE YOUR COMFORT ZONE to achieve things.

And let me tell you now for good, there is no way a LOW CARB diet will make you happy and healthy in the long run. SUGAR is the fastest source of energy, it fuels not only your body but also your brain and is broken down by your digestion in the speed of light. No other element in nature is that efficient for our bodies. Sugar is the optimal fuel for humans.

But be aware! I am NOT referring to refined sugar here. I am speaking of naturally occurring sugar as it comes with WHOLE FRUITS. No pasteurized fruit juices, concentrates or badness like that. DELICIOUS, JUICY, RIPE apricots, pineapples, bananas, apples, cherries, strawberries, mangoes, peaches, blueberries, papayas, melons, pears, oranges, figs and grapes. Are you drooling yet? Yeeees, that is your natural instinct. That is your insatiable craving for natural sugars. Keep that, that is healthy.

And did you know that by applying the rules of High Carb Low Fat in a correct manner, you can lose weight while eating as many carbs as you like and at the same time being the most sustainable, ecological diet in the world?

Watch the video to learn about my experience:

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